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An achievement beyond expectations for the Tipo 6 LMH, which finishes in 14th place before a crowd of over 320,000 fans

Le Mans (France), June 18, 2024 – A long and thrilling challenge has come to a close at the Circuit de la Sarthe for the Isotta Fraschini Duqueine Team, with the Tipo 6 LMH finishing in 14th place among the 23 hypercars on the starting grid.

“Reaching the end of the race was a great and exciting result for the team and the drivers in an extremely difficult race, also due to the weather conditions. Finishing this first 24 Hours in the top 15 is a result that goes far beyond the expectations of completing the competition without errors,” said team manager Max Favard.

“I want to express great satisfaction for managing to finish Le Mans, an extraordinary and exceptional race, with this result. It was an exploit for a team like ours, having such a sophisticated and complicated car,” said Gilles Duqueine, president and founder of Duqueine. “Congratulations to Isotta Fraschini for creating an excellent, reliable car, and to Michelotto Engineering for utilizing it flawlessly. It’s a great satisfaction that fills us with happiness, and I hope this collaboration will continue.”

Jean-Karl Vernay: “It was fantastic to finish the race without issues, especially considering the challenging conditions for both the team and the drivers. No one made any mistakes, and we made significant progress, demonstrated by the fact that other drivers made errors, unlike us. Now we need to focus on the next step, and this Le Mans will remain a beautiful memory.”

Carl Bennett: “We faced many challenges, and I believe everyone did their best. We managed to stay calm, minimize mistakes, and overcome difficulties. During the last lap, I was doing well, but then it started raining heavily, and the track became slippery, so I made sure to bring the car back to the pits and let Jean-Karl finish the race.”

Antonio Serravalle: “It was such an amazing event, it went very well.The goal this weekend was to finish the race. We made it through a tough 24 hours, the team did a fantastic job. The most important thing is that we keep improving the way we are now. An historic result.”

The Isotta Fraschini Duqueine Team achieved an extraordinary result beyond their expectations with the number 11 car, which competed with the big brands on the track, managing an impressive feat. Starting from the 22nd position, the Tipo 6 gained 8 positions, securing a well-deserved 14th place on the board without any margin of error, greeted at the finish by an enthusiastic crowd for what is effectively considered a double victory: reaching the finish line and finishing in the top 15.

An achievement by Jean-Karl Vernay, Carl Bennett, and Antonio Serravalle that captivated the attention of over 329,000 spectators who filled the stands of the famous circuit. The team, thrilled with the historic result, now looks to the future of the number 11 and is ready to focus on the next event, the 6 Hours of São Paulo in Brazil, scheduled for July 14.

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