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Built By Legends Unveils Reimagined 650-HP R34 Skyline GT-R Designed to Conquer The Midnight Run

Now Available in the U.S., the Built By Legends R34 Presents the Pinnacle of Japanese Automotive Design Brilliantly Engineered for Modern-Day Driving

New for 2024, Built By Legends introduces a razor sharp reimagining of the classic GT-R: modernizing performance while retaining the Japanese sports car’s iconic design and neo-classic driving experience. Now available in the U.S. market for the first time after the expiration of the Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, the Built By Legends R34 GT-R is the classic Skyline that enthusiasts have waited decades to drive; a spectacular urban street fighter prized for its nimble handling, perfectly balanced power, and lightweight engineering. Unavailable in the United States marketplace upon its debut in 1999, enthusiasts now finally have the chance to acquire the Built By Legends R34 GT-R and unequivocally experience one of the world’s finest cars.

“When we first started the company, Built By Legends wanted to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world in some unique way. With our team’s shared passion for the automotive industry, we recognized an opportunity with the Skyline in particular. With the vintage Skyline now becoming legal in North America, the timing was perfect. Built By Legends also noticed that a significant number of GT-R cars are regularly exported from Japan to places all over the world, but many of them are in poor condition. Since proper restoration services are not available in many countries, Built By Legends is able to fill that void by offering enthusiasts the very best classic Skyline GT-R with everything modernized underneath,” comments Built By Legends CEO & Co-Founder Masaharu Kuji. “Our goal is to bring out the true potential of the GT-R as a driver’s car and to deliver a world-class driving experience. Our new Built By Legends R34 GT-R represents our relentless commitment to excellence.”

Firmly established in pop culture with numerous movie and video game appearances, eighties and nineties era Skylines remain the most sought after JDM car ever created. Tuning has long been a key element of the Skyline appeal and each Built By Legends R34 GT-R features a powerful 650-hp MINE’S MB7 engine (65 kgf-m/8,000 RPM limit) built on a 24U N1 engine block mated to a 6-speed Getrag heavy duty six-speed transmission. This perfectly balanced powertrain is controlled by the MINE’S VX-ROM ECU system that operates alongside a MINE’S Carbon Air Intake Duct and Fuel Delivery pipe, as well as R35-transplanted Airflow Meter and Injectors. Design meets performance in the engine room where Built By Legends brings color, material finish, and machined details to the engine cover, service touch points, and MINE’S Titanium Tower Bar.

The process to upfit each donor R34 is exacting and thorough. Built By Legends works in partnership with respected Japanese Skyline specialist Garage Yoshida on each build. Yoshida san’s first step is carefully measuring each donor vehicle’s frame and chassis (a 108 point 3D alignment test that exceeds all of Nissan’s exacting production tolerances) and reenforcing the backbone of the car. Donor cars receive replacement Garage Yoshida Strut Panels, Cowl Top Brace, and OEM Hood Ridge Panels. This proprietary modification reduces chassis movement and allows the suspension to come alive.

Each Built By Legends R34 GT-R receives a complete chassis restoration, starting with detailed media blasting to bare metal and followed by individually powder coating more than 150 parts. Each donor chassis is then treated to a full wet blasting, by dry ice treatment, anti-rust epoxy spray coat, a 2 component urethane coat, and full sealant before being treated with two-tone chassis paint of the clients choice — the chassis of this car being finished in the company’s Signature BBL Navy and the body in Shiranami White Pearl color. Built By Legends brings the exterior color into the engine room – highlighting the design and attention to detail of the engine.

For customers who are seeking the ultimate in long term chassis protection, Built By Legends offers an optional chemical chassis dip followed by cationic electrodeposition coating.

To further strengthen and stiffen the R34 Skyline chassis, Built By Legends builds a comprehensive 400 point spot welding program throughout the car across the front and rear window door openings and quarter glass. The company also completely refreshes each suspension component, replacing all bushing and bearings for every car. Front and rear suspension for the vehicle is then upgraded to a set of Aragosta suspensions selected by MINE’S, integrating a high-performance Type S sport suspension. This Built By Legends R34 GT-R features a race-ready front and rear braking system from AP Racing, highlighted by 6 pot calipers with RDD 356 mm rotors in the front and 4 Pot Caliper RDD 356 mm rotors in the rear.

Built By Legends blends light weighting, aerodynamic performance and design detailing with their dry carbon 1-piece front bumper and bonnet that are sculpted to enhance airflow into the engine room and evoque period racing modifications. Nowhere is Built By Legends attention to detail more evident than in their hollow carbon hood prop. Built By Legends collaborates with MINE’S to produce a range of dry carbon aero components: a Chin Spoiler that integrates with the front bumper, a Rear Spoiler with integrated trunk mount, a Rear Diffuser with vertical fins, and MINE’S signature Aero Mirrors. To signify the depth of their collaboration with MINE’S, Built By Legends includes a handmade, titanium, MINE’S emblem on the R34’s trunk lid and interior emblems on the dashboard.

Auditory sense of occasion comes from the aggressive, growling engine note that surrounds the car, courtesy of a MINE’S Silence VX-Pro Titan III with Cerakote, a MINE’S Front Pipe Pro Titan, and Super Outlet Pro II turbine outlet. Inside the Built By Legends R34 GT-R, the cockpit crisply and concisely presents the original seats, restored in black with matching black stitching Fuji Ultrasuede fabric (a partnership with Toray Textiles). Roof liner, dashboard, and interior panels are also completed in matching black Fuji Ultrasuede with black carpet and floor mats. The rear speakers for the audio are deleted and concealed for a cleaner cabin presence.

Built By Legends installed Daiko rubber roof and floor sound and heat reduction sheets throughout the cabin, co-developed by Garage Yoshida, for added comfort and an improved driving experience. High performance touches abound throughout the cockpit of the Skyline such as a MINE’S D-Shape steering wheel finished in Nappa leather and Alcantara alongside matching handbrake and aluminum racing pedals. The meter and dials utilize MINE’S special 320km system. Every element of the interior is crafted to contribute to driver comfort and engagement, subtly improving the factory design in numerous small ways that contribute to a feeling of performance and confidence. Built By Legends’ mission is to create the ultimate street car for everyday driving so the car is not fitted with a roll cage – a modification that would relegate it strictly to track use.

To make sure each Skyline immediately makes an impression driving day or night, paint quality is truly world class, standing out immediately. The first Built By Legends R34 Skyline features the signature Navy underbody color, offset by 4-layer Shiranami White Pearl details that can be seen throughout, delivering an incredible presence for the car in-person. A special optional Ghost Stripe can be specified by the commissioning owner. Stunning period correct custom Rays 21A 10.5J x 18 wheels wear high-performance Bridgestone Potenza 71RS tires in 265/35R18 fitment.

“We feel that it is vitally important to preserve the integrity of the GT-R while also supplying the modern upgrades necessary for enjoying driving in modern conditions. When we first developed the idea for Built By Legends, we were driven by one simple question: What kind of GT-R would we all want to drive now, if we were to ever build one? That was the start of our journey creating Built By Legends,” continues Kuji. “In working with the best Japanese automotive designers and engineers, we can confidently say that Built By Legends made the finest reimagined Skyline available in the world today.”

From full bare chassis restoration to minor rusted panel replacements, Built By Legends offers a full range of service options tailored to meet a wide array of customer requests, including completely unmodified restorations. Clients are also able to choose between retaining the vehicle’s original look by incorporating as many OEM components as possible, or implementing performance upgrades throughout for a decidedly modern driving experience.

For the R34, commission prices start at $450,000 for build and restoration (price does not include the donor Skyline, which Built By Legends can source for clients). Built By Legends commissions take less than 12 months to complete, with shipment available anywhere in the world.

For more information on Built By Legends and the company’s restomod of the R34 Skyline GT-R, please visit

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