Gordie Howe

Hot 20 – Would reducing the dangers of Daytona also reduce its thrills?

We want drivers and fans to be safe. We want action that is anything but safe. It might sound hypocritical, but deep in our hearts, we know it to be true.

Hot 20 – Like life, Sonoma is a series of challenging twists and turns

It is not always just about NASCAR, as most of us got a chance to check out other things since the boys and girl last ran at Michigan. There was a basketball game in Cleveland I understand of some note. The NHL has an amateur draft this week and it seems you will have yet another reason to go to Las Vegas in the winter soon enough.

The Final Word – Greats do not always stay great though a few, like Jeff Gordon, leave as they arrived

Jeff Gordon appears to be one who is prepared to take his final bow while he is not just a legend in his sport, but also a contender. At the age of 43, Gordon has four championships to his credit, 92 victories and an amazing 320 Top Fives in 761 starts.

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