NASCAR’s Greatest and Most Memorable Race is Only a Dream Away

Beneath the array of the brightly colored paint schemes, one would think they just woke up in the middle of some far away garden oasis. Colors are so vivid and full of explosive vibrancy that it makes even the Rose Parade look like a black and white picture. Your eyes long to adjust to the beauty of the beast, which stands at just a stone’s throw away.

As you begin looking around to see if anyone is watching, it is then you strengthen your nerves in hopes of getting the chance to climb between the twisted mazes of steel, which seems to be calling your name. You already know that once inside, the world that you have dreamed, talked, and bragged about will take you by force and whisk you away into a land that only the few who can handle it have conquered.

Your knees start to quiver as slowly step closer and closer and all of a sudden you’re heart begins thumping harder and harder as you look beyond the small side window, and see the  glistening metal eyelashes of the instrument cluster seductively inviting you to jump right in. You know at any moment you are about to enter a forbidden zone, as your senses begin to wonder what exactly it is going to takes place once the carbon fiber seat put its massive arms around you as the two of you become one.

Before reality sets in, you have already climbed inside and prepared yourself to see exactly what it is that compels these drivers to after crave the feeling of traveling at speeds in excess of 180 miles-per-hour. It doesn’t take long before the adrenaline starts pumping madly through your body as you reach over to push the start button, because you know at any moment the massive 850 hp, gas-guzzling monster will submit to your every desire. Your blood begins boiling as the first click from the starter energizes life into the fire-breathing dragon. Almost instantaneously the car begins shaking wildly and the veins in your body feel as though they are ready to burst as you rap the gas pedal, letting the engine know that you are now in control.

Your senses begin to speak in a foreign language, telling you to get ready for the ride of your life. Once you sink back into the seat, all you see are the rays from the sun trying to peek through the Plexiglas windshield, gently whispering to the rest of the car—we have a rookie. This is the moment of truth, and there is no backing out once this sleek racing machine has you in her grasp. Immediately your mind starts racing at the thought of letting the clutch out, and feeling the rush of 850 hungry ponies ready to explode out of the corral. The roar of the engine is so deafening you almost forget that this is your moment of glory, and no one is around to take it away.

The steering wheel begins to entice you as you slowly wrap your sweaty, glove covered fingers around its smooth, silky curves, along with your trembling legs begin to tremble while feeling the thunder of the Sunoco thirsty power plant slowly make its way out of the concrete covered pit stall. You look ahead and realize that there are no other cars around to help you through your paces, as you hear the racing gods calling out for you to mash the pedal, and hold on for dear life because you have just entered a zone that is beyond your wildest fantasies.

Is your mind playing tricks on you…or are you actually about ready to hit speeds that 60 years ago were unimaginable?? There is no speedometer to confirm what you believe—just the rush of the wind as it races through your tight-fitting helmet. A thought prances through your mind about what a great feeling each NASCAR driver must have as he makes his way around some the best tracks that America has to offer.

Then, in the twinkling of an eye, it’s all over. The rush of adrenaline is all gone in a matter of seconds and you begin to evaluate exactly what happened? Your body goes into a frenzy at the thought that the worse is about to happen and in a few short seconds it will all come to an abrupt halt. Time will continue as you roll around, looking for something to grab onto, and all you can hear is the annoying buzzing in your ears as you begin to scream in agony and pain…why me?

As you slowly open your eyes to make sure everything is alright it is then that you realize it was only a dream…

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Sal Sigala Jr.
I am a NASCAR fan from Cali who enjoys writing and photographing this highly energetic sport. Ive been a fan for over 30 years, and was voted Blogger Of The Year in 2008. I call Irwindale Speedway my second home, since I can be found there on Saturday night's during the racing season. I always try to write for the sport, without being biased towards any driver or team. Every driver deserves an equal chance, and what gives us fans the right to deny them that opportunity. I've had my articles appear on the front page at, along with having them linked to USA,,,,, CBS, L.A.,,,,,,,, as well as Jeff Gordon\'s, and Joey Logano's website. You can find me at and I'm also on twitter at

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