Statement From Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition, On Today’s Penalties

Statement From Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 12, 2012) – “Following a thorough analysis of the actions that took place during Sunday’s race at Phoenix International Raceway, we have issued penalties based upon our review. The decisions announced today cover NASCAR’s full assessment of penalties for the incidents that occurred.

“There’s no doubt that a unique set of circumstances combined with a championship battle on the line resulted in raw emotions coming into play. We consider the penalties appropriate and those involved understand our decision and we expect them to abide by them.”

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  1. Robin Pemberton, I hope that you and NASCAR are looking at the driver using the out of bounds as a racing surface, this is not the racing surface I believe that the double yellow rule should be at all the tracks and not just during the Race but Qualifying. One reason is the record book a driver thinks he has a new track record when they when they used the out of bounds area he cheated buy using the out of bounds/apron of the track. Some how this new gen of drivers think its ok to used the out of bounds/apron of the track if that the case we need to release the pit road speed so they can go as fast as they want. And the second reason is it not safe look at the Phoenix race where Elliott Sadler where he used the out of bounds/apron of the track and pull in front of those guys and cause a big wreck and you know the rest. So I hope this Problem can be address to make the racing safer and better. thanks Randy

  2. Sure Robin, keep running your mouth. That is what you are paid to do, explain all the stupid mistakes that the suits that run the race have done.
    NA$CAR should have penalized for the stupid decisions from the booth. They are not competent. They should spend the winter picking an independent team to run races that know what they are doing.
    Bowyer should have been fined for running 200 yards and threatening to “kill” the “sob.” Where are you now Pemberton? What about the team of the 15? Obviously they are the ones who incited the riot.
    Meaningless decisions made by Helton, Pemberton, Darby and Huth will always be with us. Get consistent.
    You should pay Jeff for doing this. You have more coverage on the net, news shows, etc. than you could buy.
    Maybe save your sorry a—- for a sorry year.


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