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Samantha Busch: A Swiffing Machine, Kyle’s Biggest Supporter and a Fans Social Connection

Sometimes it may be hard to like Kyle Busch. All you see on the track is his competitive drive that can lead to heat of the moment actions. That’s in the public eye. What you don’t get to see is what he is like behind the scenes, how much of a nice and caring guy he actually is.

A gateway to behind the scenes Kyle is through his lovely wife Samantha. She has grown to love racing and basically become an expert in the motorsports field. What she gets to see that fans don’t is the nice and caring Kyle. Samantha is an avid social media user and what she tries to do is show that side of Kyle along with keep fans updated on what the superstar is doing on the track.

I was able to do an interview with Samantha and what she shares with me is exactly what I described above. Kyle’s other side. Besides that, she discusses what makes Samantha , Samantha. In the insightful interview, read all of that along with some of her favorite activities that make up one of the most fascinating people in NASCAR.

Jason: You’re very active with the fans through all the social media platforms, what are some of your favorite ways you get to interact with fans socially?

Samantha: I love interacting with the fans, and in the last few years there have been so many more ways! At one time, Facebook was the only way, but Twitter is so fantastic for the races because you can use short little messages that people can scan and keep up with if they want more in-depth coverage, or if they can’t actually watch the race that day. Also, I have really gotten into Instagram this year. It’s been fun to show off pictures of Kyle’s awesome pit stops and of course adorable little Miss Lucy (our puppy).

I think the best way to use social media is to make it a two-way street. I love to keep people updated on Kyle and myself, but I also love to hear what’s going on with everyone else! I love when people ask me to help them pick out outfits, to tell or ask me about fitness tips, to share recipes, and of course to tweet me their new shoes!

I also think giveaways are a great use of social media because they give people the chance to get exclusive stuff such as victory lane hats!

Jason: After a tough 2012, what has it meant to you and Kyle to be so successful this season?

Samantha: Last year was really an eye opener and really makes you appreciate every good finish and win even more. But even a tough 2012 on the track, I think there are a lot of positives that came out it for this year and for the future. The No. 18 team went through tough times together and therefore became stronger together in my opinion. The success of this season is so rewarding because it shows the hard work and determination of the team to persevere, and they’ve all become stronger because of what they went through last season.

Jason: Is there one major difference you could pinpoint between this season and last?

Samantha: That’s a great question, but I can’t really pinpoint one thing. The team and Kyle worked just as hard and had the extreme drive and passion they do this year, but sometimes luck just doesn’t go your way. Going back to the other question, I still believe the obstacles you face will ultimately make you stronger. It’s hard to see that when you are going through it, but looking back on those times I feel strongly it was good for everyone in the long term.

Jason: What would be one major thing that fans don’t get to see of Kyle that may change their opinion of him?

Samantha: I think through social media they are seeing more and more of what a funny, light-hearted and caring man he is. Whether he is playing with the dogs, giving me kisses or just having fun, fans get to see the side of him that I get to see away from the track. He’s such a competitive person at the track, but there’s another side to him at home that we have an opportunity to show people through social media.

Jason: Which win this season has meant the most to you?

Samantha: No doubt that Fontana was a big win. After going through what he did last year when he was close to winning a Cup race or dominating all day and then having something silly happen at the end to take that away, it was just so great to finally get that checkered flag!

Jason: Is there one track on the Cup circuit that has eluded Kyle for awhile that you would like to see him win at?

Samantha: There are obviously the big races like the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 400 that (he) hasn’t been able to win yet that he would love to win, but I am going to surprise you and say Kansas. My reasoning is that he has always run well at places like Daytona and Indy, but Kansas has not been his friend over the past few years. The Kansas race is really important since it’s in the Chase, so I would love for him to have a strong run there.

Jason: What are some of your favorite activities to do outside of the track?

Samantha: Kyle and I have really gotten into playing golf! It’s a fun activity that we can do together. At the same time, we are both learning it together so it’s great that when one of us picks up on a technique we can share it with the other and improve on our game.

I also really enjoy working out. I do a variety of different types and it really just makes my whole day better! I enjoy reading as well and thrillers are my favorite. Aside from that Kyle and I really just enjoy spending time at home together with our puppies just swimming and watching our favorite shows!

Jason: Is there one thing that you love to do, but Kyle isn’t a fan of?

Samantha: Cooking and cleaning. I really love to cook, I love to experiment with different recipes and make big meals! It does sound weird but I’m a nut with cleaning certain things. Kyle, along with my friends and family, laugh at me but I’m obsessed with cleaning the counter tops in our kitchen. Seriously give me a swiffer and I’ll see you in a few hours because I am a swiffing machine! That’s probably not a word, but you know what I mean.

Jason: If you had to describe yourself in a few sentences, what would you say?

Samantha: I am an outgoing, talkative, compassionate Italian girl. Being raised in a big Italian family I love being around people! I love to help people through all walks of life.  I am also a fitness and health nut :)

You can keep up to date with Samantha on twitter when you follow her handle of @SamanthaBusch

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