NASCAR stars play disgusting, but hilarious ‘Food Roulette’

Ever wondered what your favorite NASCAR drivers do on their downtime? Well, I cannot speak for all NASCAR stars, but Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace have an unusual way of having fun. The two NASCAR drivers made a video recording of them playing a game which they call ‘Food Roulette’. They took a Twister board and customized it so that when one spins it, the board will tell you what food item you have to eat in various quantities. This resulted in some pretty gross moments for the boys!

Perhaps they should stick to the more traditional type of Roulette in their free time. It is definitely a lot less disgusting. And if they play at they also stand the chance of winning big money if they bet right! Royal Vegas online casino offers eight Roulette games from which you can choose. These include but are not limited to European Roulette, American Roulette as well as French Roulette. You can also play progressive Roulette which means that with each spin, you stand the chance of winning even more money! Maybe Blaney and Wallace will progress from their ‘Food Roulette’ so something a bit more sophisticated!

The video in which the NASCAR drivers play this bizarre, but funny game can be found on Darrel ‘Bubba’ Wallace’s Twitter page, and it has been viewed numerous times by their fans. The video shows Wallace and fellow NASCAR driver Blaney eating some pretty disgusting things, alongside their friend Carson Apple who is a Wake Surfer. The type of things the boys had to eat included a shot of ketchup and mayonnaise, a giant spoon of Cool Whip, as well as cat food – yes, you read right: cat food! It is pretty disgusting, and therefore not a video for the queasy stomached people out there, but it is also notably hilarious to watch. We are not sure what made these NASCAR stars decide to engage in such an activity. Maybe they have too much time on their hands and are not practicing for enough hours!

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Bubba Wallace who is the driver of the number 6 Ford EcoBoost Mustang has been doing alright lately; finishing ninth on the Iowa Speed way after riding in the top-ten all day, this past Monday. Ninth is a good finishing place overall, but let us be honest –it is no top five. Perhaps if Mr. Wallace spends less time in the kitchen playing ‘Food Roulette’ in the future, he will be able to better that ninth place finish! Ryan Blaney who drives the number twenty one Ford Fusion for Wood Brothers racing is a third generation NASCAR driver, and at 22 he is already pretty good. He has won numerous awards and is very popular with the fans too.

We are not sure if Wallace and Blaney are going to make their further videos of them playing funny games, but we hope they do. Maybe next time they will open a poll and fans can submit ideas.

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