DLX Mattress Sponsors NASCAR Driver Spencer Boyd’s Sleep

Concord, NC (September 4, 2018) – Spencer Boyd is restfully excited to announce that ‘Made in the USA’ DLX Mattress has joined the team as an Associate Sponsor for the remainder of the 2018 season. DLX Mattress is a family owned business and has been serving customers for an astounding 130+ years.

“I never would have thought that someone would want to sponsor my sleep!” smirks Boyd when asked about the partnership. “Honestly, with thirty-three races in a season we have a pretty hectic schedule, so coming home and getting a good night’s sleep is very important. I can happily endorse their mattress for not only being a great product but for being made in America. As a devout patriot, I love representing companies with American made products.”

As a factory direct operation, DLX Mattress believes that their mattress may be the last one you’ll ever buy. Every piece of a DLX Mattress is interchangeable so as your firmness needs change, so can your mattress. They stand behind every mattress they produce and invite NASCAR fans to enjoy the supreme quality and expert manufacturing techniques that go into each and every one.

“We are really on to something with this mattress, so we want to tell as many people as possible,” commented Jim Pullan, President of DLX Mattress. “Between the power of NASCAR and Spencer’s Made in America values, we feel this to be a great formula for success. We are so confident in our customers being able to customize the firmness of their DLX Mattress that we even offer a 100 day risk free guarantee allowing buyers to return the mattress if they are not satisfied.”

Partnerships with companies like DLX Mattress are not by accident. Spencer Boyd Racing is on the same mission as primary sponsor Grunt Style, which is to bring pride in self, pride in military and pride in country, to every American household. By being authentic and selective in his partnerships, Spencer is able to honestly represent brands looking to ride the wave of this rookie’s rise in NASCAR.

The Lily Diabetes 250 on September 8 at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway marks the location of the first NASCAR Xfinity Series race where DLX Mattress will appear on the No.76 Grunt Style Camaro.

About DLX Mattress
Few companies can claim that they have been around for a few decades, let alone over 130 years, but here at DLX Mattress, we have been servicing our customers since 1886. During that time, we have not only gained a reputation for being the top place to buy a mattress, but have continually worked to improve mattress design. We have developed a series of mattresses that not only provide a structure to sleep on, but can be customized in a range of different ways to ensure that a perfect night sleep happens every night. Mattresses from DLX Mattress are not laminated together as with other designs, but are built with interchangeable layers that can be changed by unzipping the cover and rearranging the layers to fit with your exact needs. With DLX Mattress, you may never buy another standard mattress again. Website: Use code Boyd76 at checkout and receive $176 off your mattress now.

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