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IT networks constitute a significant part of today’s business and large-scale organizations. An effective network improves the efficiency of business functions and operations and helps a company engage with its customers and staff effectively. This is why employers all over the world encourage their networking team to stay up to date with the latest skills in the industry. Certifications are an intensive and targeted mode of gaining these essentials that are highly recommended by employers. Having a well-accredited badge from such a reputable vendor as Microsoft is the way to entertain your chances of being hired at the top companies in the world and immensely increase your salary.

In this article, we will look into one of the Microsoft exams, Microsoft 98-366 VCE Exam Dumps Questions – MS-100 – 70-480 – 70-486 – MS-900 – 70-761 VCE Testking – Exam-labs by code, its related credential as well as the reasons for choosing this badge among many others. On top of that, we will consider the reliable resources such as exam dumps to prepare for your upcoming test. Are you ready to start this wonderful journey? Let’s get started then!

What You Should Know about MTA in Networking Fundamentals?

The Microsoft Technology Associate credential is offered by Microsoft for its candidates to acquire basic knowledge and become familiar with the main technical concepts in IT. This certification can help you launch the IT career you are dreaming of. According to the Microsoft official page, to obtain the MTA badge you have to sit for only one specific exam. For example, if you want to become MTA accredited in Networking Fundamentals, then you have to take its corresponding Microsoft 98-366 test and also try the Practice Test Questions. As the amount of the tests available to get the MTA certification is rather extensive, you’d better go on to the Microsoft online platform to choose the one of your interest.

However, some of the other popular MTA certification assessments include:

  • Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals;
  • Exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals;
  • Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals;
  • Exam 98-383: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS.

What makes the MTA in Networking Fundamentals peculiar, as well as its other counterparts, is that you won’t have to renew it as it is a lifetime certification, which saves you a lot of hassle when compared to other similar badges available in the market. And it’s not the only one advantage of this badge! To find out more about them, turn to the following paragraph .

Advantages of Getting MTA Certified in Networking Fundamentals

As you know, the choice of certification is critical and you may find the following pros helpful when opting for the MTACredential in Networking Fundamentals. So, the most obvious reasons for becoming accredited like this are:

  • The MTA certification in Networking Fundamentals is proof of your competency to potential employers or clients. Microsoft has raised the bar in the field of networking and thereby earned a reputation for validating professionals with the highest standards and latest skills required in the industry today.
  • A novice in the IT industry is always eager to advance her/his skills to the next level. Microsoft’s MTA certification in Networking Fundamentals will open a wide range of advanced-level credentials that are a certain pathway to promotions.For example, the Networking Fundamentals badge can lead you professional MCSA credentials that will eventually equip you with all the relevant skills for the position of a network administrator.
  • There is no doubt that most lucrative industries like networking have the highest competition. By achieving the MTA in Networking Fundamentalsyou are acquiring the credential that employers from across the world recognize and accept. This gives you the upper-hand over the average candidate with an ordinary certification.
  • The ultimate goal of becoming accredited at the end of the day would be the pay. With better credentials from IT giants like Microsoftyou can enjoy a high salary as well as other perks.An average annual salary of a network administrator equals $59,220.

Now that you see all the benefits of the MTA credential in Networking Fundamentals, let’s now concentrate on 98-366, necessary to obtain this certification.

Microsoft 98-366 Test Overview

Exam 98-366 is a 45-minute assessment that consists of 40-60 questions of various formats that aren’t specifically disclosed by Microsoft. As this test verifies the examinee’s fundamental knowledge, there are no pre-requisites necessary. The exam will assess you based on the following core topics: knowledge of various network systems and hardware. What is more, you are expected to understand how protocols and services work. Currently, 98-366 assessmentis available at $127.00, which is less than for the exams for higher-level badges. To mention one more time, after successfully passing this assessment you will attain the desired MTA in Networking Fundamentals. But how can you launch your exam prep process? Which materials and resources to turn to? To get answers, read the next section. There we will discuss several resources and strategies you can utilize to ace the exam in your first go.

Resources to Maximize Your 98-366 Score

Here you will find a compilation of some reliable tools and platforms that have produced exceptional results for the Microsoft 98-366 test-takers in the past. So, they are:

  • The 40366B Course by Microsoft. This three-day course will help you prepare for 98-366 and will cover the essentials in the 3 core topic areas mentioned above. Get access to official training content, in-depth training, and much more.
  • The exam 98-366 forum is a great way to engage with peer test-takers to exchange valuable learning material and resources. Instead of working individually actively participating in a forum gives you the added advantage of exposure to various strategies, material, and advice.
  • Exam dumps from Exam-Labs. This is a popular platform for IT certification exams offered fornumeroustest vendors including Microsoft. Exam-Labs ensures high quality through careful inspection of questions and answers over a panel of IT experts. To opt for these exam dumps you’ll have to pay $49.99 and will get access not only to this expert-verified collection of questions and answers, but will also acquire the video lecture course and a handy study guide for the Microsoft 98-366.Nevertheless, for those who don’t possess any spending money, they can choose to download free and regularly updated braindumps. Just check the Exam-Labs. com and do it straightaway. All the braindumps from this page are in the vce format and can be simulated through the VCE software which allows the user to run trials on various strategies you wish to adopt on the exam day and continuously analyze your progress to increase productivity.

Use all of the above-mentioned strategies and sources and you are sure to win this 98-366 fight!


Networking is a hot industry in terms of job growth, salary, and opportunity. The MTA Network Fundaments will give you a head start to the industry. The Microsoft 98-366 is rather a competitive exambut several reliable resources can boost your confidence. Exam-Labs is a tried and tested platform that has a proven track record over the past years. A good combination of official learning material with the aforementioned free and actual exam dumps can help you stand out in the world of networking professionals.

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