Interview: Catching Up With Howie DiSavino III

In this interview, Speedway Media catches up with ARCA driver, Howie DiSavino III.

DiSavino III is currently 19-years old and from Chesterfield, Virginia, and has made select starts in the ARCA Menards Series. During the interview, DiSavino III talks about the first race he competed in, the driver he’s always idolized, and if he is superstitious about his race day routine.

SM: What was the very first race you had partaken as a race car driver? Was it everything you expected?

HD: “The first race that I partaken in was a late model race,” DiSavino III said. “We rented a late model from a local team. I was 14-years old and didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. I learned really quick that was needed. We started 21st and came in 13th place.

SM: How calm are you during a race? Are you a driver that’s more fired up behind the wheel or take it easy until the halfway point

HD: “I am more of the driver to be calm and collective until the halfway point.”

SM: What’s the most exhilarating race you’ve ever been a part of? Any come to mind?

HD: “The most exhilarating race I have been in was at Elko in my first ARCA start,” he said. “We came 10th and on the lead lap. That was my most cherished race.”

SM: Which driver did you idolize and wanted to be like growing up as a racer?

HD: “I have always idolized Dale Jr.”

SM: You are walking around in the garage area. A fan is trying to reach you for an autograph, but for whatever reason, you can’t see them or maybe the garage area is packed. How does a fan grab your attention for an autograph or photo?

HD: A simple wave as I look over the crowd is how a fan gets my attention,” DiSavino III said. “I love talking to fans and hearing what their thoughts are.”

SM: Has there ever been a random or funny moment that has happened to you during a race?

HD: “The funniest moment I have had was when, I put my water hose next to my leg during a race,” he said. It got pinned against the seat and when I went into the corner, it sprayed all over my leg and I was wondering to myself if I peed on myself… Water was all over me.”

SM: Who is one racing icon that you have always wanted to meet?

HD: I would love to meet Dale Jr,” DiSavino III said. “He seems like a great down to earth guy!”

SM: Are you someone that is superstitious before a race starts?

HD: “I am not superstitious,” he said. “However, my crew member Mike Garcia gave me a cross and I have it with me every time I race.”

SM: What is the first thing you do after you come home from a race? Does it take a while for the adrenaline to wear off?

HD: “After a race, I usually eat a lot and talk about the race with everyone.”

SM: If you could visit any planet in the solar system. Which planet would you choose?

HD: “I would want to go to Saturn, because it looks like it has a racetrack around it!”

SM: You are required to go without one social media app for a year. What app would you choose to go without?

HD: “I would go without Snapchat.”

SM: Time travel is available and you can go back in time to pick a race to watch in person. What race do you pick if you had the chance to watch it in person?

HD: I would want to go to the Daytona race Dale Jr. won in the 2001 Pepsi 400.”

Fans of Howie can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, fans can check out his website.

DiSavino III has made three ARCA Menards Series starts since 2019. His current best career finish is in his ARCA debut, which took place at Elko Speedway last summer.

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