Choosing The Best Camera Sling Bag Which Can Ease Your Travel With Camera

Most of the people love travelling as well as to capture their mesmerizing moments. So they like to take a camera along with them while travelling. When someone takes a camera along with him/ her while travelling they require a bag which can carry camera lenses, filters, charger and all the camera accessories for which they search for a camera sling bag. Camera sling bags ensure the protection of camera along with its equipment.


Because of their distinct advantages sling bags are distinguished from other bags like school bags, passenger bags, and other bags which makes sling bags attractive for most of the photographers. Sling bag has a single shoulder strap which is worn diagonally across the body in same manner as seat belts. It sits lightly on the back with its opening side facing the user which allows the user the access to gear without putting it down. Camera sling bag is designed to protect and provide all requirements for a photographer. They are designed for light camera kits.

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Sling bag saves you from a horrible experience of carrying camera accessories while traveling. Its gorgeous look, combined uses and features give you a great experience. Even famous travelers, influencers and video loggers keep it along with them while travelling. Most of the people prefer sling bags for cameras over normal backpacks. The sling bag is as important as camera. It may seem small but it can fit surprisingly amount when packed well. The most important factor is comfort and it comforts a traveler in carrying camera easily.

“With all it has got to offer you cannot resist from buying one.”


While surveying for best camera sling bag you should consider the following factors:

  • Which Type Of Camera You Are Using?

As it is mentioned above that sling bags are more appropriate for lightweight camera kits, if you have heavy camera kits a backpack will be more suitable. For mirror fewer cameras Slingshot Edge 150 which were specifically designed for mirror fewer cameras like Sony A7 R11 is the best choice. A perfect bag for a compact camera or small mirror less kit like Sony A6300/A6500 Trekker HP 120 is considerable. For DSLRs like Canon 7D mkii or Nikon D7200 Slingshot Edge 250 will be a perfect fit.

  • Where Are You Going To Use Your Camera?

Check out the weather of the place where you would be shooting and the weather protection you are going to need, as the weather can change quickly. If you are going outdoor you must find a sling bag which has a built-in All Weather AWE Cover and for this you should check out Passport Sling 111 or Slingshot Edge. Street Line Sling would function well if you are in a city in which you need basic weather protection.

  • Travel With Your Sling Bag

You are going to face many carrying scenarios if you are traveling with your DSLR or mirror fewer cameras. Take a look at Passport Duo if you want to go light because it is expandable into an ultra-light backpack. There is a bag which features a removable camera insert with addition into an expandable compartment called Passport Sling. You can keep your camera protected and easily remove your camera gear.

  • Increasing Camera Security

This should not come as a surprise if you feel less secure with a single shoulder strap, to keep everything securely anchored an additional waist or stabilizing strap will help. It would be a great idea to escape losing your bag to bag-snatchers and thieves.

  • Necessary Extras

If you are looking for a basic and good sling bag you should see if it has a room for a tablet, or for a small laptop. It should have extra pockets according to your requirements. It depends on you that what you are going to be carrying most of the days and according to your space requirements, plan your bag.

  • Strapping Direction

In sling bags strapping patterns are different, some rest on your left and some rest on your right. It depends on which way you want to swing your sling to get access to camera kit. Try to see which way it seems more natural to you by trying to swing with the backpack at your home and make a decision.

  • Carrying Digital Devices 

It has become most important for traveling photographers to carry all their digital devices in a single solution. A sling bag which can provide protection to your camera with tablet gives you an advantage of staying connected while shooting and traveling. Don’t compromise on your tablets in such bags which cannot keep it protected. Slingshot Edge or Passport Sling 111 is great for such requirements.

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