Race Betting in the US: What You Should Know

Betting has always been a fun activity especially when it involves sports. Sports itself like racing is already thrilling and exciting. Knowing that you may earn money from a sport that you enjoy watching just makes it more fun and entertaining.

Fortunately for everyone, it’s so easy to wager on sports nowadays. Whether it’s racing or other sports like football, cricket, or basketball, you can easily place your bets in the comfort of your homes. You just need to be connected to the internet and find online casinos or bookies that have the odds that you’re looking for.

Race betting may not be as popular as football betting and other big sports like cricket and basketball. However, this can be as thrilling as those other sports. If you haven’t wagered on races before, here are the important things that you should know.

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Looking for the Right Bookie

The first thing to consider when betting on any race is looking for the perfect bookie. Know that the perfect bookie will depend on your needs. Nowadays, there are hundreds or even thousands of online bookies and casinos that accept wagers on racing and choosing the best one can be a bit overwhelming.

Some of the factors that you should consider include convenience and the options that you have when it comes to betting odds. Know that not all online bookmakers may carry odds on the races that you’d like to wager on. The types of odds that a bookie offer should also always be checked.

When it comes to convenience, this includes the payment and withdrawal options that the bookie offers. Will it be easy for you to make a deposit or does this bookie give payouts promptly? Those are the questions you should ask when shopping for a bookie.

It’s also important that the bookie of your choice is reputable. You can check on this by reading casino or bookie review sites. It’s always nice to check on the experience of other punters with a certain bookie. It’s also a must for you to check if this online bookie is licensed and is allowed to offer its services in your area to avoid legal problems.

Types of Racing Odds

Since part of looking for the right bookie is knowing that it carries racing odds that you’d like to wager on, know that there are different types of racing bets that you can place. Here are the ones that you should know.

  • To Win Bets

This is the most popular type of auto racing bet. You just really have to pick the winner of the race. If that driver or racer wins, then you also win their bets. Placing 2nd and so on means that you lose the bet. The nature of the race or how the driver wins the race won’t matter. As long as he or she wins, you also win on your bet.

  • Stage Winners

There are stages of the race when the tournament or competition is stopped like in NASCAR. When you are placing this type of bet, you get to bet on the different stage winners. You can bet on the winners of the first two stages or the winner of the final stage if we’re talking about NASCAR.

  • Matchup Bets

For this type of bet, the bookie will be picking two drivers in the race and you will have to pick the one that you think will finish better than the other. Basically, during the whole of the race, you only focus on these two drivers. It doesn’t matter if your pick finishes second or so. As long as he defeats the other driver, then you win.

  • Pole Position Bets

For the pole position bet, you will be picking the driver with the fastest qualifying time and start first. There could be odds for each driver and this means that you can also just focus on one driver. This depends on the bookie where you’ll be placing your bet. This is what you should give a try if you want to feel immediate excitement as soon as the race begins.

  • Podium Finish Bets

For this, you will be picking a driver that will finish in the top three. As long as he or she is part of the top three, then you win your bet. If the driver finishes first, then you may get an additional reward for that too.

  • Futures Bets

An example of this betting on the end-season champion. You need to pick a winner but not of a single race but the entire cup or tournament instead.

  • Fastest Lap Bets

This sounds exactly the way it is. You will need to pick a driver who will have the fastest lap. It doesn’t matter if the driver wins or loses. As long as he or she has the fastest lap, then you also win.

  • Prop Bets

Prop bets are present in most forms of sports betting. For racing, prop bets could be how many cautions there will be during a race or if a particular track record will be broken. These are components or small parts of a racing event that you can wager on.

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