The Most Unusual Car Races in the World

Are you tired of your daily life and just want to feel new emotions? Then you can go to Playamo Casino or watch car races. The second option is even more breathtaking, especially if you choose to visit one of these races. 

Lawnmower Race

Lawnmower races are gradually conquering the planet. Championships are held in different countries, and there is even a world championship. These competitions were invented not in America, as is commonly believed, but in England in the early 1970s. The British Association of lawnmower racing composed the first rules, which became the basis for all.

Lawnmowers are tormented over a variety of distances, more often short ones, but the pinnacle is considered a grueling 12-hour race on unpaved turf. Machinery is divided into four classes, depending on the type of machine and motor power. In England every year there are a dozen major competitions, including the World Cup. In 2002, the president of the Association of garden equipment Bill Hurley fiercely criticized the sport for its high injury rate. But the huge army of enthusiasts has not thinned.

Barbie Jeep Racing

There are even more injuries here, but manufacturers of children’s pedal cars don’t care. They say the fun was born in the valley of the American Arkansas River. Simple and accessible, it is gaining popularity in other parts of the country as well, with foreign pilots coming to the annual race.

The point is to go down the mountain in a car ahead of the competition. Initially, only Jeep vehicles were allowed to start, then there were mixed classes. Drivers must wear a helmet. Those who want can reinforce the suspension and steering, but it seems to make little sense. The track should be dirt. Who knows, will it become a World Cup event?

World Solar Challenge

When they started the first race under that name in 1987, the Australians had no idea what it would lead to. Today, the World Solar Challenge takes place in odd-numbered years and attracts a bevy of innovative thinking from around the world. 

The route has not changed: the same 3022 km from Darwin to Adelaide, across the continent from north to south. Since 2015, the average speed record of 91.75 km/h has been held by the Dutch team. In 1987, the first record was set at 67 km/h).

The race is on public roads, and the cars of the participants do not meet elementary safety requirements. From this, it is clear that solar cars are a thing in itself until their mass use as a full-fledged vehicle is still very far.

Tractor Pulling

As a sport that originated in the USA in the late 1920s, replacing horse pulling (horses pulling barn doors). Now it is a race on specially prepared wheeled tractors with a trailer. The trailer is a platform with a metal plate dragging on the ground. The total mass can reach 75 tons. Coverage is ground, in bad weather, it’s dirt. Different classes of tractors are assigned different weights.

The level of preparation of machinery is amazing. The rules allow the installation of any number of engines. An engineering breakthrough happened in the 1970s, when two motors were hitched to a single cardan. Today, the most popular scheme is four motors. On advanced models, power reaches 10,000 hp.

There are 22 registered tractor racing associations around the world. There are championships in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Europe.

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