Here Is What a Total Vehicle Check Expose

A comprehensive vehicle check is usually done to reveal motor vehicle history before purchasing it. At times a vehicle history check is termed as HPI check, which generally a trademark of HIP ltd, and it’s never associated with any vehicle check company. 

Why do you need the Vehicle Check before Buying a Car?

It is essential to have your vehicle history checked to make sure it is safe to buy.  You need to be sure of several facts before parting with your money; make sure what you are buying is worthy.  Dishonest sellers will always try to hide vehicles history, only to increase its value but a vehicle check is of great help to uncover every hidden fact. 

Note the following instances and always ask for vehicle check reveal:-

Outstanding Finance

Currently, purchasing vehicles on finance has increased, meaning many buyers have opted to pay their vehicles in monthly installments and make a large payment in the last month. Usually, the vehicle is officially owned by the buyer after the last payment is made.  It is evident that when a person selling the car on outstanding finance agreement owns the car until it’s fully paid, hence you might not have any legal right for the vehicle check.  

Therefore, it is risky to buy a vehicle with outstanding finance; the finance company can quickly locate and reclaim your vehicle after buying it, hence losing money.  In case of the above situation, it’s always essential to consider a car check company, and they will automatically help you out.  

Purchasing a Stolen

A vehicle check company is always in an excellent position to give you reports concerning any stolen vehicle someone is trying to sell to you.  It’s still crucial to visit here and ensure that you don’t become a crime victim trying to buy a stolen vehicle.  You will automatically lose both money and the vehicle. The stolen vehicle will be tracked and eventually be returned to the rightful owner.  A vehicle check comes in whenever you want to purchase any car to avoid such disappointments. 

Written Off

This is a situation when insurance companies decide to write-off vehicles when they can never be repaired or have seriously damaged and can never be returned to the road.  The vehicle check process will automatically highlight any vehicle under such conditions, saving you money.  The check will indicate that the vehicle has been involved in a severe accident or might suffer damage, hence positively influencing your decision. 

VIN and Engine Numbers

A vehicle check report usually discloses vehicle details such as VIN and engine number. This is very important for it shows any alterations or true identity of the vehicle.  Criminals change vehicle registration plates to hide the original vehicle identity of any stolen vehicle. Therefore, a check of VIN and engine numbers is essential during the vehicle purchasing process. 

MOT Antiquity

In case the MOT vehicle history has been recorded by the DVSA testing station, a car check will help in showing out this information in the report. You will be able to know if any vehicle has passed or failed and the reasons for failure. Several processes are done to correct any failed MOT, and all the above information will help you know if you would like to purchase such a vehicle or not.

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