Things to note for the first time NASCAR fans

The NASCAR or National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a governing body that sanctions and control stock racing within America, Europe, and Mexico. Stock car racing as a sport is popular among several people. Each year NASCAR events pull in hundreds of thousands of people within their large racing community. If you want to be a part of this action, you must learn the sport’s intricacies from here. If you want to find more information about this Click here,

Quick cheats about NASCAR rules

The series: NASCAR has its three top series. The Cup Series is where the big star race, cars weigh 3,450 pounds, and the engine horsepower(hp) is 850. Next is the Xfinity Series. The Xfinity cars weigh 3,400 pounds with 750hp. The last one is the Camping World Truck series with pickup trucks with 750hp.

The flags: NASCAR races have several flags, but they are not just for show. Each flag has a unique purpose and basic knowledge of each flag will help you understand what each one means during a race.  

  • The green flag is used to start or restart the race.
  • The yellow flag is used by the officials to state that the field is unsafe for driving.
  • The red flag is used to stop the drivers when the weather conditions are unsafe or the track conditions are unsafe.  
  • The black flag is used to send a driver to the pits.
  • The blue with yellow diagonal strip tells a driver to give way for a faster lead lap car.
  • The white flag is a signal that the leader has one lap left.
  • The checkered flag identifies that the race is over after the leader passes the start-finish line.

How to prepare yourself for a NASCAR event

These races are generally filled with thousands of people, and they last for several hours. This is why you need to get yourself prepared for race day. Seasoned fans already know from experience, but since you are new, here are some preparation tips to help you fit in better.

  • Get binoculars for better viewing. They will come in handy to see the field better from far distances.
  • If you like to see the action much closer and get good pictures of it, you should bring along a good camera with a long lens.
  • Get earplugs. These races are generally noisy so use protections to dull the noise.
  • Bring along a raincoat because umbrellas are not allowed. They will come in handy for wet weather.
  • Prepare yourself for the weather.
  • Use sunscreens and shades. If the event is held in the summer, the weather conditions can get harsh. Protect yourself.
  • You may need a seat and backrest cushion to enjoy the race.

Tips to becoming a true fan

  • Watch as many NASCAR races as you possibly can.
  • Learn about all of the drivers and select your favorite ones.
  • Learn about the commercial partners of NASCAR and the drivers.
  • Pick up the language of the race, it’s complicated at first, but you’ll eventually get the concept.
  • Accustom yourself to sitting five to six hours just to watch the race.
  • Get involved in the community, join clubs, sites, and boards and get a fan club feel.

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