How to Bring Your Car Closer To the NASCAR Level

Not everyone can buy a NASCAR level ride and have fun in the streets by driving like their favorite NASCAR drivers. These cars can be incredibly expensive, and out of budget for many people. 

However, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and pretending you are in a NASCAR race. 

Some people go all out, even on one of the cheapest rides out there. It may seem silly to others, but it’s the closest the owner of that car may come to a racing car. So, no harm, no foul. 

Before going into the details, you should look at your budget. With the following tips, the only limit is your budget. You can try to get as much as possible, but still take account of your spare cash beforehand. 

Car Wraps

To get up to the NASCAR level, you need to decide whether to start with the interior, engine, or exterior. For the exterior, all you really need is excellent vehicle detailing with Sevenx Creations and a wrap.

Here, you may want to make your car look more like the ride your favorite NASCAR driver has on the tracks. However, you can also come up with something entirely unique and be a NASCAR driver of your own. 

With the interior, you don’t really need to change anything unless you have some upgrades on your mind. 

Car Performance Upgrade Tips

Coming to the engine part of your transformation, the sky is the limit. You can easily get your hands on a lot of aftermarket parts that can improve the performance of your car. Let’s go over some of the improvements that you can make. 

Spark Plugs 

Spark plugs are tiny parts installed inside vehicles, but they are incredibly important. These plugs are responsible for good fuel economy, acceleration, and power. Considering that they wear out over time, you should consider changing these to begin your performance upgrade. 

Worn out spark plugs are also the reason why your car may misfire. 

ECU Remap

ECU stands for the Engine Control Unit. It’s a part of your car that makes sure the engine runs at a level suitable for warranties, provides better safety, and is in accordance with the law. 

Generally speaking, the ECU can be incredible. However, you may need a professional to play around with your car’s ECU. Any qualified remap professional can create new engine maps that can give your engine the ability to show its true capabilities.

Cold-Air Intake

Your engine needs to get some air to make it run properly. When you install a cold air intake, you allow colder air to reach your hot engine. That results in better engine performance. 

However, your car doesn’t need a cold air intake if it is naturally aspirated or electronically fuel injected. That’s because a cold air intake won’t be much help. 

On the other hand, a turbocharged engine may get a massive boost with a cold-air intake. 

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