Been knocked down by a car? Here’s what you should do next

Being hit by a car is always going to be a shocking and disorienting experience. At the moment it happens, it can be hard to keep a cool head and know what to do next. But here are some key actions that will help you or anyone you know who’s involved in an accident of this type.

  1. Make yourself safe

The number one thing you’ll need to do is to ensure your safety. If you’re in the middle of the road, and can move, get to the sidewalk as fast as possible. If you’re unable to walk, enlist the driver or passers-by to take action to warn oncoming vehicles to slow down and avoid hitting you.

  1. Call the police

Next step – call the police to come to the scene and assist.  While the vast majority of drivers will stop at the scene of an accident, if you are the victim of a hit and run, tell a witness any details you remember of the car involved, while they’re fresh in your memory.  While many accidents are just that, driving while distracted (for example, texting), could result in a charge against the driver.

  1. Take photos

Assuming you’re well enough, take plenty of photos of the scene. The car involved, the surrounding area, and any features such as parked cars that may have obstructed the view.

  1. Witness names

If others have witnessed the accident, ensure you obtain their contact details so that your insurer, your attorney, or the police can follow up with them later.  Of course, if you’re lying on the ground, injured, it will be difficult to start taking notes. If someone has come to your aid, ask them to collect witness details.  However, if you’re in a position to take control, tell witnesses your mobile number and ask them to give you a missed call, so you’ll be able to contact them later or pass details to the police.

  1. Your insurer

How your insurer handles the claim will depend on whether the accident occurred in one of the 12 states with a no-fault system in place. In this case, they’ll pay any damages due.  If it takes place in a non-no-fault state, such as Nevada, pedestrian accident lawyers and insurers will seek damages from the person who caused the accident. 

  1. Medical assistance

Depending on the nature of your injuries, seek medical assistance as early as possible after the accident. If you are seriously hurt, then it’s straight to the emergency room, but if your injuries are less obvious – then visit your primary care provider, without delay, for treatment or referral to a specialist. 

This is crucial -without medical documentation, it may be assumed that you weren’t injured at all.  And if there’s a delay in getting diagnosed, it could be argued that any injuries were caused by something unrelated, that occurred later. 

If you have your own insurance, your insurer will pay your bills, otherwise, the driver’s insurance company will pay – a specialist pedestrian accident attorney will be able to claim on your behalf.

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