How Often Should You Get Motorcycle Serviced

Having a motorcycle and riding is an exciting experience, and you can’t compare it with any other activity. When you are using a motorcycle, its maintenance is also essential. If you compare it with a car, the maintenance of a motorcycle is quite simple. But it does not mean that you take it for granted and do not pay attention. Every machine requires maintenance and hence motorcycle too so that it runs at optimum performance and finally gives you a pleasurable riding experience, and does not break down when you are on the road. The service of a motorcycle is especially vital to keep it running for a long time. Regular motorcycle service is also essential to keep yourself safe.

Care for your Motorcycle – To keep it in good condition:

You have to make sure that all the parts of your motorcycle are in good condition and working fine. When talking about motorcycle maintenance, there are two types; one solo, which you can do yourself; the other, which are more technical and require the skills of a mechanic, which involves higher costs. For example, you can check engine oil yourself, but you have to go to your mechanic when the chain is broken. There are many things to be checked routinely to resolve smaller problems before growing into bigger faults. However, any motorcycle, old or new, requires servicing.

How often a motorcycle should be serviced depends on the model. Motorcycle manufacturers provide the owner’s manual, answering this question and other useful information about the motorcycle. But there are certain general guidelines discussed below: 

Oil Change

Change of oil is due when the oil light starts blinking or when the engine burns the oil. Change the oil when your motorcycle has traveled 4000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

Tire Air Pressure

It is important because you are on two wheels and imagine that you are going on a highway at a speed of 80 miles an hour, and one of the tires bursts. In such a case, you may face a horrible accident. According to a survey, about 78% of lives in motorcycle road accidents are lost due to tire blasts. Tire air pressure should be checked twice a month but, if not possible, necessarily once a month. The type pressure should be between 27 and 30 psi. If you have a tire with a tube, the tube must also be checked once in two months. If the tube has too many punctures, it must be replaced with a new one. However, tubeless tires are getting common nowadays.      

Motorcycle riders often ignore this part, and consequently, they have to face inconvenience when it is broken on a busy road or a highway. Maintenance of chain requires “lubing” and “checking the tension of the chain.” It should be done after 4,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. You can easily remember this schedule because it is the same as an oil change, and you can go for the service of both at the same time. The exact chain tension your motorcycle requires is given in your owner’s manual, as each type of motorcycle has a different one. 


This requires “tuning” and “flushing the cooling system,” which is performed every two years. If there is a carburetor in your motorcycle, its regular service and repair are necessary because it saves a lot of money and time. In some motorcycles, there is a water-cooled engine. In such a case, the cooling system should get flushed after every two years. A mechanic does the service of a carburetor or water cooler. Moreover, you can visit for a great variety of motorcycle repairing tools.

Clutch Wire

It is a metallic cable used to change gears. It also has a specific setting (tension) so that you should be able to change gears during your ride. A motorcycle owner will know their motorcycle clutch, but whenever you feel difficulty operating the gears, consult your mechanic. This is also one of the services which you can’t do yourself. Finally, you have to rush towards your mechanic.

Gears and Gear Box

It is an expensive part, and it is damaged when the clutch is not operated properly. When this problem arises, you can’t handle it yourself. You have to take your motorcycle to a professional who can do it. The clutch wire causes an abruption in gears. Either the life of a clutch wire is going to end, or the tension of the clutch wire is not proper. Your mechanic can check and correct this problem.   

Engine Tuning

Tuning is what only an experienced motorcycle engine expert can do. The professional mechanic has the tools as well as relevant experience required for this task. It can be done at the time of changing oil for convenience.

Electrical Parts

Make sure that headlights, hazard lights, indicators, and horns are working fine before you go on the road. The headlight beams with both high and low intensity must work properly. Make sure that the front and rear indicators are functioning well. You may also need a functioning horn to warn other vehicles in case of unusual happenings. 

Seized Engine

In case of a seized engine, your motorcycle will not start. It happens when you constantly run your motorcycle for a long time without its maintenance. There is no engine oil left inside, or it is too black; that is, it has not been changed for a long time or maybe that its cooling system is not checked and failed. Other reasons for being an engine seized are old and dull oil and rust and stain built-up.

In case of a seized engine, you have to take the motorcycle to an expert mechanic. He opens the complete engine and has to change rings and pistons. It’s a time-consuming task, and if a mechanic works full time on your motorcycle, it takes about four to six days and involves a lot of labor and expense.       

How often does a motorcycle needs service?

On average, a motorcycle will require servicing once a year. For determining the exact mileage or time frame of service, consult the user manual that comes with your motorcycle. Basic maintenance is an ongoing process, and the more you look after your motorcycle, the better it will perform. 

Basic maintenance will include oil changing, battery changing, chain tightening, and tire checking. You can install a motorcycle TPMS to keep a check on your tires all the time. According to Rev Corner, it is good to have a motorcycle TPMS before going on a journey to ensure the tires are safe. 

For a comprehensive service, you should rely on professionals. But the type and amount of your motorcycle use will determine how much service your motorcycle needs. A motorcycle exposed to salt, grit, and rains will need more servicing and battery change than a motorcycle that runs smooth roads in summer. Similarly, servicing needs of a racing motorcycle is different from that you use to commute to work. 


Motorcycle riding is an exciting experience, but its service and maintenance are very imperative. There are some check-ups and repairs with your motorcycle that need a proper routine. If you don’t pay attention to your motorcycle, the smaller problems may be converted to bigger ones leading to more expense and inconvenience. You may have a breakdown of your motorcycle on the road, and then you have to spend a hefty amount on replacing the worn-out parts or their repair.   

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