Top 3 Interesting Facts About NASCAR Racing

NASCAR has gradually grown in popularity and attracted the attention of a lot of different sponsors. These include sponsors such as Busch, Coca-Cola, Geico, Pepsi, and Xfinity.

Recently these events have attracted the attention of betting operators and real money casinos where players can gamble and win real money prizes. Clearly more and more people are getting into NASCAR, most likely for the same reason, they are watching Formula 1. So we will go over some of the interesting facts about NASCAR racing. 

Drivers Don’t Need a License

Laws and regulations are pretty strict nowadays, and you need some sort of license or certificate to do a job or open up a business. Even if you wish to develop and offer mobile pokies, which are popular casino games in esports betting australia, you will need to be licensed and regulated. However, that is not the case with NASCAR drivers. It might sound surprising that you don’t need a driver’s license but it’s true, and it’s actually not a big deal. They undergo rigorous testing and training in order to qualify for the race, so a driver’s license is not a necessity, also there are no traffic laws here. 

Cars Don’t Last Very Long

The sport is all about speed, and incredible driving skills. It’s a real adrenaline rush, and it’s pretty dangerous, even if you take into consideration the safety measures that were added over the years. That being said, these aren’t really state-of-the-art vehicles, which sounds crazy. You would think that this is an event that decides who is the best driver, and at the same time who can produce the best car. This is not true at all, and when it comes to endurance NASCAR is nothing to be admired. They are basically built to last one race. 

The engine basically burns out after a single race, and in some cases, it has to be changed mid-way through the race. This also makes you think. Everything nowadays needs to be tested for quality assurance. Even when we talk about online games that are available on gambling platforms, they are all playtested before they are released and available to the users. So, if an engine cannot last a whole race, how is it even tested? Since you would have to throw it away after each test.    

No Bathroom Breaks 

We all know that the races can last for hours, and some situations get pretty scary. Yet even when the race is finished, drivers don’t seem to be rushing to the bathroom, which is kind of crazy. Imagine binge-watching some of the most interesting series and not pausing to go to the bathroom, it sounds ridiculous. 

Of course, most of the racers simply hold it and wait until everything is over but the reality is they really need to go to the bathroom and that feeling interferes with their concentration. So, in order to continue the race, they just let themselves loose while driving. After all, when you have to go you have to go. 

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