4 Features To Look For In A Crossover SUV

A crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) is the new workhorse for the family, replacing the family-oriented vehicles of the past such as the station wagons.

These multipurpose vehicles work great for every family need—whether taking your kids along for the weekend or sending them to school or the mall—a crossover SUV is a versatile crowd-pleaser that’s sure to win the hearts of all family members.     

Whether you prefer the rugged look and off-road features of trucks and traditional SUVs or go for the posh feel of a sedan, a crossover SUV combines all the main features you wouldn’t want to miss in any vehicle. One of the best crossover SUV vehicles is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, it has spacious seating, thrilling performance, and a luxurious exterior. Also, there are a lot of Alfa Romeo Accessories available to install on it.

But first, let’s find out more about this popular utility vehicle.    

What’s A Crossover SUV Anyway?

Based on looks and form, a crossover SUV is basically a beefed-up and taller sedan but equipped with better functionalities and have more power. A crossover SUV is a five-door hatchback that possesses high ground clearance typical to an SUV. It comes in either two or three-row seats that can rival the seating capacity of pickup trucks. Such models as the new Lexus NX even have the rugged good looks of a traditional SUV while keeping the sleek lines of its sedan siblings.

The crossover gets its name from its versatility—they’re highly functional like SUVs but feel like a sedan, down to the fuel consumption. Being taller than sedans and most cars, crossovers have fewer blind spots, making them safer and generally more comfortable to drive.

What To Look For In Crossover SUVs

Now that you know what a crossover is, let’s start listing down must-haves for your next crossover SUV. 

  1. Advanced Safety Systems And Technologies

Crossover SUVs are famous for a good reason. They’re an all-around family vehicle suitable for any imaginable purpose. And since you’re tagging your kids along in this vehicle, safety should come as a primordial consideration.

Choose a vehicle that possesses high safety ratings based on crash tests conducted by reputable insurance organizations and the government vehicle safety agencies.

For safety, an automatic braking system is mandatory in all vehicles as a minimum, and having a more advanced automatic emergency braking (AEB) system with pedestrian detection is even better. Advanced safety technologies such as forward collision and blind spot warning systems should be a rule rather than the exception in choosing the main safety features of your new crossover.

  1. Flexible Seating

No matter how you plan to use your crossover, always leave room for flexibility, especially along the second and third row seats. You should choose a vehicle that allows you to adjust the seats forward or backward, helping expand your cargo space or accommodate your little kids and larger-sized teens to position themselves safely and with more legroom, as needed.

A reclining seat that you can fold flat is also useful for carrying more cargo; proof that when it comes to crossovers, versatility is the name of the game. In fact, there’s an SUV launched recently to honor health care workers’ dedication and resiliency in these trying times.

  1. Reliability

Multiple factors can contribute to a car’s reliability, but most people will look at the brand. 

Drivers typically stick to one or two car manufacturers, and you won’t go wrong sticking to these popular vehicles, if you’re a neophyte driver. Top-selling cars are made by reputable carmakers who know that the best vehicles take time and resources, as well as strict quality control, in order to stay functional through the years.                

As a vehicle is a major purchase, it’s only right for consumers to search for makes or models that offers great value for money. And lengthy warranties tell you that the car manufacturer stands by its products, giving consumers peace of mind, especially while on the road with their families.

  1. Ease And Comfort In Driving 

Most drivers prefer an SUV’s high seating position, which allows you to see traffic on the road more clearly. However, it’s not the only consideration for your new purchase. For instance, drivers often have specific preference in terms of handling and response. This is highly subjective, but you should choose a vehicle that gives you a comfortable and enjoyable drive. This brings us to one of the cardinal rules in buying a car—never purchase one unless you’ve actually tried to use it on the road.

Final Reminders Before Choosing Your Ideal Crossover SUV

While known for its high ground clearance, some crossovers do come with low step-in height and greater accessibility to the trunk or boot. This is important for families with kids who are too small to climb up the vehicle. This way, you won’t have to carry your child in and out of the vehicle at every point.

If you can’t find one, look for a vehicle that comes with running boards or other features that make embarking and disembarking less of a hassle for your little ones. This applies to the cargo area too, where a low load height can make it easier to lift heavier loads on the back of your crossover.    

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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