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How to Choose the Right Auto Body Repair Shop and Save a Packet

Even if you are a responsible driver, you may still be involved in an accident due to bad road conditions or irresponsible driving by others leaving your car damaged. When it happens, you need to get your car repaired quickly and competently. While choosing the right auto body repair workshop should be simple, unfortunately, it isn’t, as both cost and time estimates can vary a lot. Some tips to make a smart choice:

Ask For Recommendations

Not only can any business advertise but also they will only say good things about themselves. A better way of choosing a good body shop is to ask family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances for their recommendations. In many cases, you can get to know of a workshop that may be small and unknown but can do a good job without charging you the earth. Some of the best workshops are family-owned, with the owner himself working on the cars with great passion.

Get a Value-For Money Estimate

Estimates by different body repair shops can vary wildly because the number of hours and the rate of labor per hour can differ a lot. The labor rate depends on the demand for services and the level of affluence in the area in which the workshop is located. The rate of one shop can easily be double of another. Typically large workshops have more infrastructural and staff overheads that lead to heftier bills. Try to choose an auto body repair Lubbock Texas that follows and charges for the industry-accepted number of hours for specific repair jobs rather than all-inclusive general estimates without any basis.

Compare Multiple Estimates

Take the effort of showing your car to several workshops for estimates so that you can figure out what a reasonable estimate might be. Huffington Post recommends you get estimates from at least three workshops. As important as it is to avoid being overcharged, you should not automatically settle for the lowest estimate, because if it is really low, it might not allow for good-quality repairs.

Ask Relevant Questions

Find out if they offer a written warranty, what the warranty covers, and its duration. Insist on a minimum of one-year warranty but beware of shops offering lifetime warranties as they are not realistic. Also, find out if the workshop has adequate theft and fire insurance to ensure that your car is covered. Verify that their business license is valid and they have been in business reasonably long. Find out if the replacement parts they will use are new from OEM or aftermarket or used and refurbished. If your car is old, it can be worthwhile going in for used parts if you get a significant cost advantage. Find out how many coats of paint and clear coat will be applied and whether they guarantee a good match with the original color.


Even after going through all the steps enumerated above, you should give your car to a workshop that gives you the right vibes. Avoid workshops that have lazy, indifferent, or arrogant staff and also do not seem to be neat, organized, and professional. In lieu of this, consider taking your vehicle to reliable auto body shops St George offers, as they are known for their experienced staff and high-quality services.

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