Boost Your Car’s Price by Following These 4 Tips

People in the past year have been sensibly avoiding crowded situations to protect their health. This regrettably includes things like public transportation options. Although they are affordable and convenient, they are also full of uncertainty.

Given the increased demand for distancing, experts have noted a huge boom in the used car market. The demand for used vehicles stems from people who want the mobility provided by cars without the steep costs associated with buying one fresh from the factory floor.

If you have a car that you don’t plan on using anymore or if you simply need more money, you can put your car up for sale. If you want to make sure your vehicle fetches a great price, here are a handful of tips you can use to boost its market value:

1. Deep Clean First

No one wants to purchase a car that still has all the assorted stains and spills from its previous owner. These unsightly marks can discourage people from buying your vehicle.

The first thing you need to do before taking pictures of your car and uploading the photos on the web is to clean it as thoroughly as possible. You’ll find professional car cleaning service providers that can get the job done effectively and efficiently. Leave the work to them if you can afford their rates or don’t have the time to clean your vehicle.

If you don’t have the funds to have your car professionally deep cleaned, you can opt for a DIY approach. Soak and scrub the seats thoroughly with strong soap. This will wash away the unpleasant stains and smell.

Then, use a powerful vacuum device to suck up all the filthy foam from this wash and dry the upholstery. Don’t forget to minute scrub, sweep and vacuum the underside of the seats, the trunk, and the spaces under the dashboard.

Last but not the least, clean the air conditioning vents and give the windows a thorough wiping.

2. Accessorize Properly

Although you can just advertise your car as is, you can rake the price up considerably by getting the right type of accessories. Focus on accessories that will bump up the utility of the vehicle. Custom-made floor mats, for instance, can protect the car’s interior and heighten durability.

Another example is excellent window tinting. This handy accessory prevents thieves from seeing inside the interior of parked vehicles. What’s more, it protects drivers from eyestrain and sunlight glare.

Don’t forget that drivers appreciate more technologically leaning accessories, such as smartphone holders, wireless speakers and the like. If you purchase a few of the perfect accessories, you could easily add some value to your car that you’re going to put on the market.

3. Remove Dings and Dents

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Getting rid of dings from the exterior of your car is one example. If your vehicle has a lot of minor scratches and dents, you may have to knock out hundreds of dollars from the asking price. If you spend just a little more money, however, you could buff those damages right out and expect a greater return of investment for your used vehicle.

Remember that the removal of dings and dents from your car requires lots of professional experience and equipment. Unless you have had years of experience doing so yourself, you should leave such repair efforts to professionals. The money you’ll make from the sale of your pristine-looking car will be worth the professional fees.

4. Check Under the Hood

Some people have had bad experiences buying used cars. Although the sellers are supposed to spruce up the exteriors, they didn’t pay much attention to the condition of the engine or the machinery. Unless you want to get caught up in a legal issue, you would do well to check under the hood of your car and perform some much-needed tune-ups.

Though, specifically for carburetors, it might be worth getting it replaced with something from specialized businesses like Southwest Performance parts in some cases.

Before selling your vehicle, check all the important areas of the engine: the radiator, battery couplings, and carburetor. Keep an eye out for pipes, fraying wires, and loose bolts.

Crawl under your vehicle and make sure that the undercarriage components, such as the axles and the like, are all in great shape. Be on the lookout for rust, especially if you live in a flood-prone area or drive a lot on salted snowy roads. Rusting in the underside can be a problem even for high-profile vehicles, so don’t forget to look carefully.

Selling your car can sometimes be the only way to get the money you need to buy essential items. Or maybe you’re just looking to upgrade to a better vehicle. No matter what the reason for putting your car on the market, these tips will ensure that your buyer gets a great quality vehicle, and you receive more money on the mile.

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