4 surprising Car Care Things You Need to Know

Vehicles have many moving parts and move around in the environment, which means that cars need a lot of care to keep them in good working condition. Some things are apparent, especially if you’re a car person with more than an active interest in cars, but it’s not always that simple for the average person. As such, some simple care car things can be quite surprising as to how important they are.

Please keep it clean.

We’ve all laughed at a dirty car or van that has ‘Clean Me’ inscribed in the dirt on its window. The reality is, though, that keeping the outside of your vehicle clean is vital for safety. However, the dust gets there; the dirt will negatively impact when it builds up too much. External lights will become dimmed and less effective, causing a potential hazard as other road users will not see them as well as they should. Too much dirt on the windows will affect the driver’s vision and could cause them to miss a hazard until it is too late.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is not just for the driver and vehicle owner’s benefit. Should you be involved in an accident that causes damage to other cars and people, your insurance will pay out if you are at fault. By not having insurance, you’ll be trying to cover not just your bills but someone else’s too. There are many levels of auto insurance available so that any driver can afford it. Check out State Farm Insurance reviews to see what one suits you best.

Wheel care


Like your feet moving your body, your car’s tires are the part of the car that does all the hard work of moving it around. Yet it’s so easy to ignore them until they’re past due changing. Keeping an eye on tire pressure will save you money on gas as having them at the correct pressure ensures they give the best fuel efficiency. The tread doesn’t always wear evenly across the tire, so be sure to look over them regularly. There is a legal requirement to tread depth as driving without the appropriate tread depth is so dangerous.


It’s not just the tires you need to take good care of; the wheels are equally important. If the wheels become unbalanced, your tire treads can wear down unevenly and at a faster rate requiring more frequent tire changes. Being unbalanced can also cause vibrations of the steering wheel, especially at higher speeds, making keeping control of steering much harder.

Check your fluids.

Sure, you have to fill your car up with gas regularly to keep it running, but it needs other fluids to keep it going too. The engine needs oil for all those tiny moving parts and coolant to stop it all overheating. While neither of these things needs replacing as often as gas, you should get into the habit of checking the oil and coolant levels regularly and topping them up as needed. The damage that is caused by not doing so can be very costly. 

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