How to choose the best automobile and home insurance bundles

If you are a homeowner and also own an automobile you may want to consider obtaining your insurance coverage from one provider, commonly known as bundling.

How to find the best auto and home insurance coverage can be challenging as the discounts will vary when you choose to bundle. You may save 10% on your auto insurance premium but save a larger percentage on your home insurance.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for this service which usually means lower prices for you. Another advantage is that you only have to deal with one agent to handle all of your insurance needs. The savings will differ from one company to another ranging from approximately 10% – 25%, and sometimes more.

Also, keep in mind that Your first steps should include researching different insurance agencies and acquiring quotes from each of them. If you have an independent agent with access to various companies, they can assist you with this.

It is also a good idea to ask for separate quotes on your home and auto insurance and then compare them with the price you will pay when you bundle.

And remember, there are other factors that can influence your insurance rates. It may come as a surprise that a poor credit rating will often cause a price increase when your insurance policy renews. A poor driving record will also affect the price you pay.

Your first instinct may be to accept the first policy that gives you the best price but you need to ensure that it is not only affordable but provides you with the benefits you need.

Make certain that it includes protection for your home, personal property, outside structures, living expenses that may occur, and if applicable, flood or earthquake coverage. You also need to ensure that the amount of insurance you have is proportionate to your needs.  

Excellent customer service is another issue to examine. Your relationship with your insurance provider can be crucial when you have to file a claim. It is always helpful to take a look at reviews from people who have previously dealt with the company and their experiences can give you added confidence in your decision.

Take all of the above items into consideration when it’s time to renew your insurance policies. And when your policy is up for renewal or anytime you have a major change in your life, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your needs so that you can make an informed decision.

There are sites that can help you compare rates from different companies to assist you in your research. If you have an independent insurance agent they probably have a relationship with multiple companies so they can often provide you with guidance.

To summarize, bundling your insurance can save you money and can make filing claims simpler and more streamlined as you only have to deal with one company to handle all your insurance needs. And remember to take time each year to reassess your needs. Major life changes such as marriage, divorce, and children will affect your insurance needs. The best decision is an informed decision.  

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