5 Must-Dos for the Perfect Travel Experience in New Jersey

Are you preparing for a trip to New Jersey? Besides Liberty State Park, Atlantic City, and other popular tourist attractions, you may be wondering if there are other ways to experience the state. You crave a more immersive experience, one that allows you to take on a more intimate lens of life in New Jersey.  

You may have also heard that the traffic in New Jersey can be confusing to navigate. New Jerseyans take their roads seriously—they often refer to where they live relative to the nearest exit on the Turnpike—and nothing frustrates them more than being caught up by the unversed.

Instead of worrying about staying in the right lane and navigating jughandles, you can engage a company like Jersey Car and Limo to take get you around in style. Whether you are traveling with your partner, friends, or family, take a backseat and focus instead on how you can experience New Jersey in the most authentic way possible. 

On top of your list of attractions to check out, here are five to-dos to add for a true travel experience in New Jersey: 

Eat at a Jersey Diner

Jeet yet? In South Jersey, this expression refers to “did you eat yet?”. Food is culturally symbolic of any travel destination—even more so for New Jersey, which is known as the diner capital with the highest concentration of diners in America. Much like any other country or state, the best diner is contentious amongst its locals. 

Nonetheless, eating at any diner will offer you an authentic Jersey experience as New Jerseyans love their diners. Some must-try dishes include a “Taylor Ham” (North Jersey) or “pork roll” (South Jersey) that is sliced grilled meat in a sandwich, disco fries (i.e., French fries topped with gravy and cheese), bagels, and pizzas. 

Make a Wawa Run

A trip to the nearest convenience store in your state or country may be one of the small joys you enjoy in your daily life. Why would it be different while traveling? Take a trip down to New Jersey’s local convenience store and gas station Wawa. It is the state’s beloved all-in-one spot where New Jerseyans pick up freshly brewed coffee and meals and fill up their gas tanks. Did you know that it is illegal for New Jerseyans to fill their gas tanks themselves? 

Stop by a Wawa any time of the day as the locals do. Wawa has a wide range of beans and condiments for an all-day perk-me-up. Alas, don’t miss out on their signature built-to-order hoagie – an Italian sandwich filled with meats, cheese, and other toppings. 

Watch a Sports Match

There’s no better way to experience the vibrant sports culture of New Jersey than by catching a live match. As of September 2021, New Jersey became the first US state to hit the $1 billion mark in sports betting with a total of $1.01 billion. 

New Jersey is home to major league ice hockey and soccer. Some famous teams include ice hockey New Jersey Devils, who play their home games at the Prudential Center in Newark, and soccer juggernauts New York Jets and New York Giants at the Met Life Stadium. Revel in the excitement of high-spirited matches amongst the locals, which will make for an unforgettable highlight of your trip. 

Pick Jersey-Grown Produce

New Jersey is commonly referred to as the Garden State, producing many of its produce. The most popular fruits and vegetables include tomatoes, corn, blueberries, and strawberries. Head to a u-pick farm during the spring and summer, and get your hands on the freshest produce. New Jerseyans enjoy picking their produce as a family activity, making for a suitable family-friendly activity if you are traveling with children. 

The type of produce you can get depends on the harvest season and farms, so be sure to check out what’s in season. You may also need to make bookings in advance. Otherwise, check out the local farms and pop-up stands where you can purchase the produce directly. Besides eating at the diners, whipping up a meal with your hand-picked produce can also be a fun and meaningful way to spend your time in New Jersey. Even a simple dessert of yogurt and berries counts! 

Take a Hike

New Jersey is an urbanized metropolis known for its historical sites and beaches; what’s less known is the scenic nature landscape it has to offer. Spend some time in New Jersey’s nature to immerse in its natural beauty. 

Locals themselves often take to the outdoors during their leisure – time in nature can help relieve stress – and it’s free. Consider Buttermilk Falls if you are up North. As part of the Delaware Water Gap, it is the highest waterfall in the state. You can easily access the Falls via car by driving to the parking lot opposite it. Be rest assured that the stairs leading up to the Falls have handrails for support. Even if you don’t fancy a hike, the view from the parking lot is still worth catching.

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