What Happens When You Damage A Luxury Rental Car?

Luxury car rentals have been the go-to option for people who want to experience lavish lifestyles for a moment. Generally, these sleek and high-end cars are rented during promenades, weddings, and similar celebrations. Apart from the brand and reputation, customers select luxury cars because of the convenience and premium features, making the ride more enjoyable.  

But before you rent an exotic car, you may want to know about your responsibilities and accountabilities. This way, you know what you may need to take care of and what to do in case of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances that can cause damage to the car. To help you, here’s a guide you may follow.  

  1. Contact The Luxury Car Rental Company And Return The Car

Suppose you damage a rented Bentley or Rolls-Royce from SD Exotic Rentals or other luxury car rental provider. In that case, you need to bring the car back to the company as soon as possible. You may need to declare the damages caused by the accident as well. 

If you fail to bring the car back, you may need to ask for help or contact authorities for assistance. If you forgot to save the rental company’s contact details, try finding their number on the dashboard or keys. Then, they could start assessing the damage to determine the costs and repairs needed. 

  1. Damage Assessment 

You could manually check the dents, creases, and other car issues in dealing with the damages. In some cases, the damages may worsen once the car is transported, so you may need to check the tiniest details carefully. This is why you need to take photos right after the accident so you also have proper documentation.  

In many cases, rented cars are checked upon returning them. The rental company would assess the tires, windshield, fenders, seats, and car exterior parts. If damages are found, the company generally categorizes the type of damage to determine the amount to pay for. 

In checking the car for damages, the following are generally observed: 

  • The tires must not have worn 1/16th of their tread 
  • Scratches and dents may be paid for depending on length and depth 
  • If dents exceed 1 inch, you may pay for repainting or dent removal process 
  • For severe damages, the company uses existing running prices of the replacement and exterior parts to be restored 
  • If the car is beyond repair, full coverage or payment will be asked
  • In replacing parts, follow the rental company’s prescription
  1. Settlement Of Payments And Repairs  

Depending on the terms and conditions of the car rental company, you have the option to replace worn tires or answer for necessary minor repairs. This way, you could save money. But for far more severe damages and total vehicular overhaul, you may need a seasoned auto mechanic for the job. 

  1. Communicate With All Parties

You may need to coordinate with the authorities and the car rental company to speed up the process. Regular correspondence could ease up the process and retrieval of evidence. If another car is involved, you need to keep the driver or owner’s complete details so you can still talk and settle claims after the accident. 

If it’s a single-car collision or no other vehicles are involved, you may just wait for everything to be processed and all the damages to be assessed. Once you know the exact costs, you could tap your insurance company or pay for the expenses on your own. 

Final Thoughts  

Who wouldn’t want to drive an Audi, Ferrari, or any British-made exotic car? But any renter should keep in mind to drive safely at all times to avoid accidents. Apart from this article, you may also keep in mind the terms and conditions set by the car rental company. Try your best to be familiar with them and ride safely as always.  

To avoid damages, you must apply your defensive driving skills if you’re the one maneuvering the car. If you paid for a chauffeur, you might need to ensure that they drive safely and efficiently.

Your personal insurance company could help you deal with the financial concerns of the accident and damaged car. However, the costs could be more expensive than your typical car rental damage due to the prices of the parts.  

 Also, you have to be mindful that your insurance provider may or may not cover the damage at all since an accident in a car rental may not be within their scope of protection. Above all, start with retuning the car first, and everything will follow.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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