9 Essential Tools In A NASCAR Pit Box

Behind every NASCAR driver’s victory is a talented and hardworking pit crew. And, behind every pit crew’s success is a complete set of tools. To ensure that every NASCAR racer could compete, the pit crew sees that their gear, tools, and equipment are always ready for a pit stop, generally ranging from five to 16 seconds.  

If you’re dreaming of being a pit crew member, you may want to be familiar with the essential tools used in tire replacement, refueling, and other processes. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on! 

What Is A NASCAR Pit Box 

A NASCAR pit box is an outbox with a cluster of computers and electronics. Generally, it monitors the car’s conditions and performance. It’s typically aided by flat-screen monitors that provide the physical info about the vehicle. In addition, it also assists in checking the track conditions, as well as the weather. 

In addition, it has a wheel-and-axle assembly area where the crew could practice changing tires using an air compressor, and tightening nuts and bolts. Furthermore, it stores a generator as a backup power source. Apart from these, pit boxes provide different and equally essential tools, including: 

  1. Air Compressor 

Air compressors are primarily used in replacing tires. They typically use nitrogen instead of typical air. Nitrogen-based compressors release a more forceful air supply because of nitrogen’s consistency. Because of this, the compressor’s operator should be able to handle a sudden burst of force whenever they open the compressor. 

If you’re getting used to operating an air compressor, you may start with the compressors with 10-15 CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings. If you’ve mastered this type, you may try using compressors with a 50 CFM rating—these apply to extensive tools, including air guns. 

  1. Air Gun 

Air guns, otherwise known as impact wrenches, are the primary tools in removing or tightening lug nuts. These tools, together with an efficient air compressor, enable a quick and masterly tire replacement. Effective air guns could change all four tires within 18 seconds. 

In choosing an air gun for pit boxes, you may need to consider using a ½-inch type as it’s lightweight. Because of this, you’ll be able to loosen and tighten nuts without hassle. Apart from the size, you may also consider air guns with hard-wearing qualities. As a crew, you may also know how to rebuild the wrenches as it’s one of the requirements for them to be functional for a long time. 

  1. Pump Jack 

Pit crews slide pump jacks for immediate tire replacement. These jacks lift the car’s frames at once because of their single-pump function. In choosing a pump jack, you may need to see its ease of use and ensure that it’s lightweight. In addition, the pumps should have high-quality hydraulics for simple leveraging, ideal for two-tire changing. 

  1. Piano Bars 

These are long and durable bars used to lift and stabilize a damaged car. These are preferred in situations when jackmen couldn’t install a jack to raise the vehicle. Yet, the entire crew may be needed to place the piano bars underneath the car as these tools are heavy. However, they have fixed parts, so there’s no danger of slipping or going down abruptly, which is possible in jacks. 

  1. Extension Poles 

Extension poles have a vast array of uses. They could signal drivers where to turn or stop for pit maintenance. This way, they allow the car and its crew to have a quick check and maintenance. In addition, extension poles also allow cleaning the car roofs and other exterior parts without coming closer to the car. Furthermore, the poles may even come from behind the walls. 

  1. Fuel Cans 

Every pit crew has assigned gas men responsible for refilling fuel into the car’s tank to get the car back on track with improved fuel mileage and efficiency. This is very crucial as fuel strategy should be well-planned to have quick and spill-free refueling. A puncture-free and durable fuel can is necessary for this to happen. It should have a long snout for precise refilling. It should also have a smaller can for catching the spills and overflows. 

  1. Vise Grip 

An incredible set of vise grips is always helpful in removing nuts that may have worn and torn their threads over time. The different sizes are ideal for various nut sizes. In addition, you could adjust these tools to be more fit for a vast range of sizes, nuts, and bolts.  

  1. Mallets, Hammers, Baseball Bats, And Saws 

These unusual tools are vital in doing abrupt bodyworks. Since NASCAR cars couldn’t go for an auto mechanic to restore their damaged exterior, the pit crew uses mallets, hammers, and bats to flatten the creases and dents uniquely. On the other hand, the saws are used in cutting protruding parts that could be dangerous during driving. 

  1. Duct Tapes And Adhesive Sheets 

Duct tapes are used to connect wires and panels to where they should be. Since cars don’t have the luxury of detailed fixing, duct tapes allow the adjustment of the body panels, fenders, and other exterior parts. In addition, they’re also used to redirect or change the airflow to the different grille parts. 

Adhesive sheets, on the other hand, are used for bigger body repairs. While duct tape is preferred in minor repairs and underneath applications, the adhesive sheets are ideal for fastening large panels, such as the parts in the hood, sides, and fenders. 

Wrapping Up 

NASCAR tools are generally grouped into repair, refueling, and tire replacement types. What’s noteworthy about them is that they’re different compared to their counterparts in auto mechanic shops. In many cases, they’re influenced by DIY car maintenance rather than professional works. Yet, they could provide more than their expected uses.  

To carry efficient and speedy repairs and tire replacement, the pit crew should have these essentials in their pit box. The unit assigned to the outpost may also have accurate monitoring and updates to anticipate the type of repairs they’d apply. 

For best repairs and other pit crew actions, you may consider using the insights you’ve gained from this article. While they may be still incomplete, they could help identify the tools you may need to be familiar with and practice should you want to be a pit crew member.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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