Apps, Automotives, and You

In today’s day and age, the phones in your pockets have become just as integral and intertwined with your daily life as your vehicles. With the various app stores and markets expanding, so too does the interconnectivity between automobiles and mobile phones, and finding what’s best for you could be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Whether it’s between simply optimizing your route to work or making money with auto-sports, there is an app out there, paid or free, that can and will improve your everyday life.

Navigational Apps

When it comes to road trips, simple directions, or even optimizing your daily routes to work, look no further than navigational apps. Almost every phone nowadays has a built-in GPS app, but they lack additional features that many more in-depth apps out there have as mainstays. One of the features of non-default apps includes live traffic monitoring. These apps will take in user-inputted data, and general traveling speeds to determine the amount of traffic on a given road and recalculate accordingly, in turn, saving you time on basically any route. Another big feature is offline GPS. Typically, network connectivity isn’t a problem most people would run into, but if you find yourself in another country, or in bad weather, losing your directions could be detrimental. Certain navigational apps will give the ability to prepare offline GPS routes as a safe backup, just in case.

Betting Apps

Saving time with travel can instead be used to make money. Individuals who maintain a fine balance of opportunity costs with potential gains often find financial success. Fortunately, in the sea of auto apps, the opportunity for some extra cash comes in the form of 20bet. 20Bet, simply put, is a mobile app for iOS that is safe, secure, and efficient for any player looking to make money via bets. Within the convenience of your phone, you can enjoy a rock-solid experience from betting or gambling in your free time. Using your expansive knowledge of Nascar or Formula 1, for example, you can apply that knowledge to make quick cash on the fly as easily and fast as ever.

Maintenance Apps

Coinciding with making money with bets, you can also save money with maintenance apps. The average annual cost of car ownership is nothing to simply write off and getting any sort of edge you can in diagnosing and repairing your vehicle is well worth the time. Maintenance apps include the ability to scan engine codes, connect with your car’s Bluetooth and electrics, and even search symptoms based on your car’s make and model to diagnose car-related problems. Unfortunately, these apps can’t physically repair your car but can offer the steps and procedures to either let you solve it on your own, or let you know the best information to give to your mechanic to ease the overall process of repair.

Auto-Trading Apps

Another unique form of vehicle-centric apps is the apps that allow you to buy, sell, swap, or trade vehicles. These types of apps allow features such as comparing costs between dealerships for any given model or make of vehicle, as well as calculators to help calculate the monthly costs of loans and payments. These apps also extend to trading and swapping, either through dealerships or through vouch-based secondhand sellers. Reminder, if you are dealing with secondhand owners be sure to build trust between yourself and the seller, and to make sure the product listed is exactly what the seller has described in the ad. Typically the apps will have rating systems, and other protections in place to avoid the rare case of scams that take place. Equally, these apps are also good for getting a vehicle you wish to sell out there for as many eyes to see as possible, thus making the process of selling much quicker for yourself, and potential buyers.

Quality of Life Apps

Lastly, there exist many ‘miscellaneous’ apps that are difficult to fit into a category but provide conveniences related to you and your vehicle. One of these conveniences includes on-the-fly parking. These apps specialize in finding the best place to park given the circumstances provided. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar town or a big event is happening locally, these types of apps can and will find parking locations based on availability and pricing. Speaking on pricing, another quality-of-life app relates to comparing gas prices. At a glance, you can contrast and compare the price of gasoline of all nearby stations and find the most cost-effective option. The savings here can be minimal at first, but over months and years, the amount of savings will be substantial.


Bridging the line between your vehicles and mobile phones has never been easier. Nowadays, most cars already offer wireless connectivity between the two, but with the help of apps, you can take it to the next level. As mentioned before finding the best app for you can be difficult but hopefully, after reading this, you can easily identify what’s best for you and apply that knowledge. With innovation comes opportunity, and using all resources available to you can only lead to a better life.

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