Serious Reminder: Check These 4 Major Car Parts To Avoid Accidents

Some people would overlook checking their car first before using it almost every time. Aside from maintaining the good health of your vehicle, the main benefit is that you lessen your risk from accidents. If you plan to go on a long trip with your family or friends, you should set aside a few minutes to an hour of pre-trip inspection to your car. It may sound far less than rocket science. However, many people do not know which parts to check or where to start. To avoid any accidents and enjoy a secure trip, make sure to check these four car parts religiously before leaving.


Your tires are your car’s soul. They are one of the major car parts that allow you to move from one point to another. It is also one of the most-used components of your vehicle. Time and wear-and-tear is the main enemy of your tires. However, it is inevitable. There will come a time when you need to change them. Worn-out tires have a risk of exploding. To lessen this risk, you must know how to check the expiration of your tires. There is no definite number of years that dictates that your tires are still safe and serviceable. To reduce tire-related accidents, you should regularly have it checked by your trusted mechanic.

Alternatively, there are some instances when tire problems occur years before the arrival of its expiration. For example, problems with tires can arise while still in its early life. These issues may come from manufacturing defects. When this occurs, recalls can occur. For example, the Goodyear tire recalls were due to the manufacturing problem. It may cause belt separation while the car is moving. When this happens, you can lose control of your vehicle. The results of these events can be fatal for both the driver and passengers of the car. 

For accidents caused by auto defects, you can ask for legal help from Schmidt & Clark, LLP.

Furthermore, when your tires are not in good condition, you may put your and your passenger’s lives at risk. A worn-out tire may not have enough traction on the road. When it does, your car may find it difficult going through slippery roads. 

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates parts of the engine of your car. That way, the components of your car engine do not break. The breakage may be due to constant friction as you use your vehicle. To check your engine oil, you can use your dipstick. If the color of the oil is yellow, then it is still in good condition. If it appears darker like black coffee, then you should have it checked by your mechanic. 

Brake Fluid

The brake fluids of the modern-day car amplify the strength of the brake when you step on it. Without it, you will need more force to activate your brakes and stop your vehicle from moving.

There have been accidents where cars fall to their doom due to issues with brake fluid. Always check it before you go on the road. Your brake fluid should be between the maximum and minimum marker of its container. 

Car Lights

Whether on a road trip or traveling to work, you need to check if all your car lights are working. You will need it when you come home late. It is much true even if you are using it for work. 

The car lights you should be checking are your headlights and high beams. Also, you need to check your tail lights, turn signals, daytime running lights, and hazard lights.

Focus On Safety 

Car care helps prolong the life of your vehicle. Timely checks with a mechanic can do wonders for your car. You can even ask them for advice on which parts you should regularly check before leaving home. 

Additionally, as a driver, you are responsible for your car and its passengers. Make sure you check car parts like your tires, engine fluid, brake fluid, and lights before going on a road trip.

If you have problems with checking, you can ask your trusted mechanic to help. That way, you prevent accidents and have meaningful bonding moments with your loved ones.

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