Modern car diagnostics and the choice of car repair service

In the recent historical past, about 60 years ago, if someone asked for a book about “car electronics” in a store, it would have been very small, and there were no books about “electronic car diagnostics” at all. But we live in a different time and it’s already impossible to imagine a car without these concepts and attributes.

The first electronics in cars controlled only the engine controls. But progress is moving forward and dozens of these such control units are being integrated into modern car models. These systems can control almost any element of the vehicle:

  • regulate the engine;
  • control the braking system;
  • control the climate control and create comfortable conditions in the cabin;
  • control the transmission.

Classical ways to diagnose an automobile

Diagnostics is the process of finding the cause of a malfunction based on certain signs.

Before cars began to use complex electronic units, the electrical circuits of a car were fairly simple systems. These circuits were powered by the battery. The wiring diagram was quite simple: toggle switch (button) – relay – actuator. To find a fault in such a circuit, an automobile electrician didn’t have to have special equipment, it was enough to have a control lamp, an ammeter, and a voltmeter, to trace the receipt of power of separate units. If a fault was found, the failed unit was replaced with a new one. Even in the case of unknown makes of cars, the repairman did not have to work hard, all cars were similar in design and principle of operation.

What to pay attention to when choosing a car service

In the process of using the car the main elements of the engine, suspension, electrical equipment wears out – which means that sooner or later any car will require repair.

It is good if you can repair the car yourself. But quite often a car owner does not have enough skills, equipment, or simply time. In such a situation, it is important to find a good mechanic surrey.

Types of car services

All car services are divided into 3 large groups:

  • Dealer, or official;
  • Multi-brand, or independent;
  • Garage workshops.

Each car dealership specializes in one particular brand of car. These are reliable organizations with a market share of 17%.

Companies use only original spare parts and special professional equipment. To start working on car maintenance each official service is accredited and certified.

If you go to the dealer car service, you will definitely get high-quality service with warranties on any type of work. However, the services of such organizations will not be cheap.

In the multi-brand car services any cars are repaired, regardless of the brand, country, and year of manufacture. Often these organizations also provide a warranty on services and do a good job at Car repair in surrey.

At that, the cost of works in multi-brand car service will be lower than in the dealer one. This is because such organizations rarely have a steady clientele, therefore, they are constantly looking for new customers. And a flexible pricing policy is one of the effective ways of attracting customers.

Specialized car services do not offer a wide range of repair services, but only one thing: car body repair, chassis maintenance, tire fitting, and so on, also belong to multi-brand car services. Independent service stations account for 31% of the whole market.

Garage services are the least reliable option. As a rule, they are small shops with few workers. Sometimes there are qualified masters, but it is quite a difficult task to find them among a great number of proposals.

Most often in such garages perform a makeshift repair of poor quality. In this case, no guarantees are expected, but the prices in such service are likely to be lower.

While in the official center you will be replaced with the original parts and consumables recommended by the manufacturer, in the multi-brand service it is not always guaranteed. For example, when replacing, they may pour in another engine oil instead of the one specified by the distributor.

Nevertheless, if your budget is limited, you may also pay attention to an independent service. And you should apply to garage services only by the recommendation of trustworthy people.

Criteria for choosing a good car service

  1. Choose specialized services. The wider the range of services, the higher the probability of poor quality repairs. If you have to choose between the company, focused on working only with cars, and the organization, where they repair and cars, and trucks, and motorcycles, you should opt for the first option.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the reviews of customers. After selecting a few suitable companies for yourself, collect all possible recommendations, reviews, and opinions. The easiest way is to look for them on the Internet, in reference books, periodicals, blogs. Of course, with an overwhelming number of negative reviews, it is better to refuse the services of a particular company.
  3. After comparing reviews, the circle should narrow. Now you can pay attention to the pricing policy. To do this, study the information on the websites of the companies or call the places of interest, noting for yourself the level of cost. We recommend choosing the golden mean: refuse the most expensive offers, but also the cheapest options, too, to discard.
  4. Before giving your car for repair, visit the chosen auto service. The immediate place of work can tell you a lot, whether it is worth to use services of this company. First of all, assess the technical equipment. Modern equipment, designed for repair and preventive operations, is an indication of quality service. If you can see the outdated equipment in the workshop, the territory is cluttered and there is mud all around, it is better not to entrust your car to such specialists.
  5. Some companies offer a service of video recording of all service processes. This is quite a weighty argument in favor of the organization since it is obvious that it has nothing to withhold from the client.
  6. A small test repair is one of the most effective ways to check. Have the car service provide you with a simple service, such as an oil change. This will allow you to form an idea of the price level. In addition, you will make conclusions about the quality of service – in a good service will not make you wait in line, will be polite, will use fresh oil, and will carefully perform the work.
  7. If the service conducts an initial inspection of the car in the presence of the owner, it indicates the reliability of the firm. During the inspection, the masters determine the overall condition of the car and identify the breakdowns to be eliminated. Then they agree on the work, their order, and cost with the client.

Choosing a car service center – conclusions

So, to choose a suitable car service, you should pay attention only to specialized dealer tech centers or multi-brand companies. If you go to a garage repair shop, you risk getting poor service – then you will not only not save money, but you may also face additional costs.

Comparing auto repair shops, you need to consider several fundamental factors: the level of technical equipment, range of services, prices, details of services provided to customers. If you approach the choice with the above recommendations in mind, you will manage to pass the car in reliable hands and find the best balance of price and quality.


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