What Campers Can a Honda CRV Tow?

Most people prefer buying SUVs for the extra space and unmatched comfort they offer. The Honda CRV is a very popular SUV that features a very comfortable and luxurious interior. Even though most owners of Honda CRV are very satisfied with the car’s performance, there are other concerns when it comes to towing campers.

Users often wonder about the 2018 honda crv towing capacity and the types of trailers they can tow using this car. Considering the low towing capacity of this car, it is only suitable for towing lightweight campers that are under 1500 lbs. This article discusses the different types of campers that a Honda CRV can tow. 

The low tow capacity may seem like an issue that limits your options, but you can still find some pretty good campers within this range. This is because the camper market is full of options that are catered towards smaller towing capacity cars. Here are some types of campers that you can comfortably two with your Honda CRV. 

Teardrop Trailers

These trailers are practically designed for vehicles with low towing capacities. Teardrop trailers are very lightweight, along with having excellent aerodynamic features. They are like miniature campers that are very easy to tow behind almost all vehicles because they hardly block the rearview mirror.

These campers are so light that it can be difficult to look for a teardrop model that weighs over 3000lbs. So, due to the small dimensions and lightweight, teardrop trailers are very easy to tow using any car.

Some people worry that the small size of teardrop trailers limits their range and performance, but that is a myth. Despite the small size, these campers come in several designs, forms, and even lengths.

There are also extra features, like fold-outs and extensions that allow compact transportation but spacious camping and outdoor activities. They are comfortable in terms of caping space, especially when only one or two people have to share. 

Teardrop trailers and campers are best suitable for people who want a cozy and small space for camping trips. It is obviously not practical to live in a teardrop trailer for more than a week because the size does limit functionality in the long term, but they are excellent for road trips and weekend getaways.

You can consider the different types of teardrop trailers to see which one would be best suited for your Honda CRV. Papa Bear and Basedrop are some good teardrop trailers you can consider buying for your Honda CRV. 

Stand-up Trailers

These trailers are also known as standy campers because, despite the small size of these campers, you can easily stand up straight inside them. These trailers, just like teardrop ones, are designed to be compact.

However, where teardrop campers are very comfortable to sleep in, you cannot stand comfortably inside them. Standup trailers, on the other hand, have high ceilings. This is useful not only for comfort but also in terms of storage space. You can incorporate some shelves on the walls of the interior for a more organized and versatile trailer. 

However, standy campers lack in length what they have in height. So, where teardrop trailers allow more leg space and comfortable sleeping, stand-up ones do not have as much space. They are, however, spacious enough to allow you to sleep comfortably and cause no such issues other than that of personal preference.

Even though quite small, these campers can sometimes have miniature kitchen spaces and room for dining, or plenty of storage and resting space, depending on the manufacturers. Polar Bear and MeerKat have some amazing standy campers that can be easily towed by your Honda CRV. 

Pop Up Campers

These are perhaps the smallest and easiest to transport trailers that your Honda CRV can tow with great ease. Also known as camping trailers, these trailers are small but have fold-out pieces on the sides. These are very easily portable due to their compact packing and lightweight construction.

They are made from flexible fabrics, like canvas. The fabrics are usually waterproof and durable, which makes them suitable for campsites and harsh weather. Because of the construction, pop-up campers are soft, except for the base, which is hard. 

Even though they can be packed into a compact trailer, when popped up, they have a small but fairly comfortable living area. Some pop-up trailers also feature small in-house bathrooms and kitchenettes.

There is also plenty of sleeping space, with beds attached to the fold-outs, which can be opened and closed easily. The best feature of these campers is excellent ventilation and airflow through the pop-out windows.

These trailers are great for family camping trips because they feel like a tent but bigger and more comfortable. You also won’t have to worry about a campsite setup. You can simply park your pop-up trailer, and that’s your camp set up!

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