Auto Terms You Need to Know as a First-Time Car Owner

It’s important to maintain your car, whether it’s new or used. As a first-time car owner, you need to be familiar with keeping up with the required maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Likewise, even if your car is brand new, you should still take it in for preventative maintenance. That way, if there’s ever a sign of a problem happening with your car, you’ll be able to catch it early on and get it fixed before it becomes a more severe issue.

Aside from maintenance, there are also other auto terms you will likely encounter. By understanding their differences through common examples, you can better determine what service you’d like for your car. Here are common terms you need to know:

Differentiating Common Auto Terms

As a first-time car owner, you will likely encounter a wide range of new terms. To help you keep them all straight, here are definitions for some of the most common:

  • Auto Accessories: These items can be added to a vehicle to personalize or make it more functional. These enhance your driving experience and provide comfort and convenience for you and your passengers.
  • Auto Detailing: This is the process of deep cleaning and polishing a vehicle inside and out. A detailer will often use specialized tools and products to achieve a high level of cleanliness.
  • Auto Modifications: These are upgrades made to a vehicle to improve its performance, style, or both. A professional must install these, requiring special tools, skills, and knowledge.

Common Auto Accessories


If you’re looking for an added layer of security while driving, a dash cam may be a good option. Dash cams are installed in a car to record what is happening in front of the vehicle. This can be helpful in case of an accident or other incident. Most dash cams are relatively affordable and easy to install. If your car doesn’t come with a built-in dash cam, you may want to consider getting one.

Seat Covers

Auto seat covers are a great way to protect the seats of your car. They can also add some personal style to your vehicle. Some people may choose to install seat covers if their seats are already in bad condition. Meanwhile, others may just want the added protection or style they provide.

Windshield Cover

A windshield cover protects your car’s windshield from the sun and other elements while it’s parked. By keeping the windshield covered, you can keep your car’s interior cool, including your steering wheel and dashboard. This is especially helpful in the summertime when the heat can be unbearable.

Auto Detailing Inclusions

Interior Detailing

Auto interior detailing is a great way to keep the inside of your car looking and smelling great. It involves a deep clean and polish of the entire interior, including the dashboard, seats, carpets, and console. This can be a great way to remove any built-up dirt or grime, as well as to get rid of any bad smells.

Exterior Detailing

Auto exterior detailing is the process of cleaning and polishing the outside of a car. This includes the body, windows, and wheels. The main benefits of auto exterior detailing are that it can improve the overall appearance of a vehicle and help protect it from weathering and corrosion.

Common Auto Modifications

Window Films

Window films are applied to the glass of a vehicle. They reduce the amount of sunlight glare that enters and can help keep the interior cooler. They also enhance passengers’ privacy and improve the overall look of a car. With these given benefits, you can get your vehicle serviced for window film installation, so you can enjoy them, too. After the installation, you would have to remember any after-service care they may need, such as not rolling your windows down for 48 hours.


A suspension system is a collection of parts that work together to improve the handling and stability of a car. When getting a new suspension system, it’s important to note the type of driving that you do. If you do a lot of track days or autocross, you’ll need a different suspension than someone who just wants better handling for their daily commute.


Depending on your needs, tire upgrades can range from getting new tires to a complete tire and wheel package. New tires can improve traction, handling, and braking. Meanwhile, a tire and wheel package can give your car a new look and improve performance.

When you become a first-time car owner, you must learn about available auto services and required maintenance. That way, you can better care for your car and avoid costly repairs down the road.

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