Three Strategies for Running ads on Facebook

Whether creating a business or selling a product, utilizing Facebook ads effectively can increase the popularity of your business. Facebook is currently the most active social media platform on the internet, and as of April 2022, Facebook has 2.936 billion monthly active users. With such a large pool of active users, Facebook ads offer the ability to have your business or products discovered by thousands or even millions of new potential customers.

Learning and understanding how to market your products effectively can be just as valuable as the product itself. Fortunately, through additional tools such as an ad maker and analytics viewers, a successful campaign is within reach to all types of businesses. Continue reading to learn about three strategies you can implement to improve your Facebook ad campaign.

Effective Adaptation

Advertisement effectiveness depends on factors such as ad design, target audience, and product offered. A Facebook ad can quickly fail to reach target analytical goals depending on any one of those factors. Flexibility within your advertisements to help achieve those goals is crucial for a successful ad campaign.

A problem with adapting your ads frequently is having to create more media and graphics to reach the target audience. A popular method for small businesses to solve this problem quickly is using an ad creator such as PosterMyWall, which can create professional-level ads promptly.

Implementing these tools into your ad campaign allows you and your business quickly gain experience creating and understanding the type of ads that perform well. It is also important to mention that ad creators offer plenty of tools to create the perfect graphics and media for any of your potential ad campaigns.

Promotional Offers

In some cases, simple ads alone can be enough to attract new customers and build a brand slowly. Promotional offers are an effective ad campaign strategy that can attract many new customers quickly. New and existing customers will always love the idea of being able to save money compounded with the exclusivity of a one-time promotional offer.

Promotions primarily rely on a short-term timeframe and produce some level of risk. When done correctly, promotions can be an effective way for a business to get its foot in the door and create a loyal customer base.

To effectively implement promotions into your campaign, consider what would get potential customers interested in your business. For example, a candle-making company could offer free sample candles, or a drone video service could offer half-off photographs and videos for residential homes. The key is to provide just enough to leave your customer wanting more.


The last strategy that benefits your Facebook ad campaign is utilizing geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is selecting a specific geographical area you wish to display your Facebook ads. This type of advertising is cheaper and is more effective at reaching your target audience.

Locally operated businesses such as lawn care and photography benefit the most from geo-targeting. This type of business would be throwing away money running ads that reach an area that would be impossible for them to serve.

Using geo-targeting is simple – all you have to do is place the area you wish to focus on within the sphere of influence, and you’re all set! Your ads will only reach the customers you can serve and allows you to focus on the most valuable customers.


Facebook ad campaigns are not a one-trick fix for generating more customers for your business or products. Preparing a successful ad campaign requires the combination of multiple good marketing strategies without breaking the bank. Hopefully, you can implement the strategies within this article in your future endeavors.

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