Advantages Of Living In Kenya

Sometimes, people face the choice of where to set up their next home. That often applies to young professionals or students with options about where to study or work next. 

Moving comes with challenges. These include adjusting to a new culture and living amongst new people. Kenya is attractive to students and expats alike. Reasons for this include the ease of doing business and the availability of housing options.

Before deciding whether to live in Kenya, you can look at the advantages of that decision. You can also compare the country to other nations in the region and see whether it is a more appealing option. To help you with this analysis, here are some great things about living in the country.

  1. Availability of real estate 

First, Kenya has a vast real estate market. There are numerous homes available for sale, as well as rent. Additionally, you can rent a house for a short period, like when you are on vacation in a different part of the country. Since a house is a significant investment, buying a home in Kenya is brilliant. You can find a house for sale in Nairobi, then check how much you need to spend to buy the home.

  1. Favorable climatic conditions 

Kenya has a mild climate, without extreme summer heat or cold winters. This means you do not need to spend additional money on your electricity bill to cater for air conditioning. While it does get quite cold in July and August, you can always dress warmly and get heaters for your home. Additionally, places like Mombasa along the Kenyan coast do not experience these low temperatures. 

  1. Political stability 

Kenya has a stable government. Neighboring countries frequently experience civil war, but Kenya has remained largely peaceful. You can start building a business in the area without worrying about being shut down due to a political crisis. Also, it means that people are primarily free to enjoy their civil and social rights. If these rights are breached, they can access justice in the courts.

  1. Numerous tourist destinations 

Living in Kenya means being able to access popular tourist attractions with ease. The country is home to many national parks and reserves. It also has other places like the beaches in Diani or the lakes inside the Great Rift Valley. You will not incur additional transport and accommodation costs if you want to travel to these places. You can enjoy visiting different places throughout the year at little cost.

  1. Vibrant social scenes 

Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu in Kenya have very vibrant social scenes. You can choose from many options if you want something to do during the weekend. For instance, you can eat out at one of the many restaurants in Nairobi that serve cuisines worldwide. You can also visit entertainment spots like bars, lounges, and clubs at night.

  1. Availability of infrastructure 

Kenya is developing rapidly, growing its infrastructure far and wide. Recent government projects have made many significant changes to the transport systems. The country has a Standard Gauge Railway train that connects Nairobi and Mombasa and provides clients with fast transport. Major highways such as the Nairobi-Nakuru Road are being expanded to make room for more cars and ease traffic.

  1. Positive economic growth 

Many economies in Africa are growing to accommodate a new generation of graduates. However, in Kenya, the growth is a lot more expansive. The country is a hub of technological innovation, attracting investors from all over the world. That is primarily thanks to access to fast internet, excellent infrastructure, and the presence of labor capital. You can quickly start a business or find a job while living in Kenya.

  1. Opportunities for financial growth 

Thanks to the excellent economy, Kenyan residents can grow financially relatively quickly. This means you can move social classes faster than in another country. There are very many growth opportunities, and access to capital is now much more manageable. People can easily access loans and other financial support if they need to invest.

  1. Easier official processes 

The Kenyan government and other public institutions have streamlined many official processes. An example is a passport application, which you can complete online on the E-citizen platform. You can also do several other things virtually, like filing taxes or applying for health insurance. Citizens spend much less money visiting different offices because they can do everything on their computers. These advancements have made official processes much more efficient.

  1. Favorable for families 

You can raise a family with ease while living in Kenya. Residents, as well as visitors, have access to an array of social amenities. The country has many public and private schools where you can enroll your children. The institutions offer different curriculum options, including CBC and the Cambridge system. You can choose between either of these systems for your child. Many health facilities, amusement parks, and shopping areas are perfect for family life.

  1. Availability of fresh food 

Agriculture is vastly carried out in Kenya. The country produces many fresh food and exports many of these items. Living a healthy lifestyle in Kenya is easy and inexpensive, especially regarding your dietary needs. Buying fresh groceries is affordable when you shop in the local markets. You can also try grocery stores inside shopping malls.

  1. Comprehensive retail sector 

Speaking of shopping, Kenya’s retail sector is also very vibrant. Many supermarket chains operate in the country, such as Naivas, Quickmart, Carrefour, and Chandarana Food plus. At these stores, customers can access all sorts of food items and household goods. You can also buy furniture, clothes, and even tools. The many urban centers in the country have shopping malls with essential amenities; these include banks, pharmacies, clothing stores, and restaurants.

You might consider moving to Kenya for work or to further your education. You could also be moving in search of business opportunities in the country. Many perks come with life in Kenya, making it a great place to set up your next home. The real estate market also makes it easy to find a house.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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