Gennady Yagupov: How to prepare for a motorcycle trip

What should men and women take with them on a motorcycle trip? Here you will find a complete list of items and products for 2022. A few tips on what to bring for those who are going on a motorcycle trip for the first time.

To make sure your trip doesn’t turn out to be a problem, you should make sure you bring everything you need. Essentials and groceries for a motorcycle trip of any distance.

Gather your belongings, medical supplies, and documents from a ready-made list so you don’t forget to take anything with you on the road. More info by link

1. Documents for transport

The documents on the motorcycle must not raise any suspicions with the traffic police. If the vehicle has been repainted, this should be indicated. In addition, it is necessary to check your driver’s license for the period of validity. Particular attention should be paid to the documents, if it is planned to travel abroad. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine, or you may lose your license altogether.

If you bought a motor vehicle “by proxy”, then you should check the term of proxy. You should also have the documents confirming the appropriate insurance. To keep your documents safe, you should use a travel bag. It is a bag with a zipper, which is hung around the neck. In this way, you can not only avoid losing your documents but also protect them from thieves. You should also put your spare motorcycle keys in it.

2. Technical condition of the motorcycle

Before shipping, you must pay attention to the following points in the technical condition of the motorcycle:

  1. fuel consumption;
  2. tires;
  3. oil;
  4. the condition of the chain;
  5. the quality of the braking system.

In addition to the maximum speed of the vehicle and its acceleration time, it is necessary to know about fuel consumption. In this way, it is possible to calculate the amount of money required for refueling. It is worth determining the total distance of the trip, the consumption per 100 km, and the cost of fuel. This will help to calculate the number of refuelings. It is recommended not to spend the last drop of gasoline. After all, at the next filling station, there may be no fuel.

It is also worth paying attention to the condition of the tires. Depending on the length of the trip, you will need appropriate tires. The longer the trip, the higher quality rubber is required. The safety of the driver and passengers depends on the quality of the wheels. If the resource of tires is exhausted, they need to be replaced before the trip or plan the place of replacement on the road. In the latter case, it is necessary to study the map in advance and find out the places where it is possible to make the necessary replacement of the rubber.

The remaining tread should be enough for the return trip. Do not let the rubber wear out completely. If there are cuts, they must be repaired. If holes have been patched with temporary harnesses, they should be replaced with quality patches. This is worth a visit to a tire shop. If there are no cuts or have already been repaired, you should check the nipples for air leaks. If there is no air tightness, the spool is to be replaced.

The next point is the engine oil. If necessary, the oil in the engine must be changed. This procedure is very important because on most modern motorcycles, the engine oil also lubricates the clutch disc. Changing the oil, like the tires, is recommended to be done before the ride. Otherwise, you may not find the oil you need for your motorcycle on the road. It is worth calculating the length of the trip. It is possible that the resource of the oil will expire during the trip and it will have to be replaced. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a reserve of this liquid. If the motorcycle engine is no longer new and eats oil, then its stock on the road is necessary.

The condition of the chain is also important. It’s worth checking the oil in the gearbox and replacing it with new one if necessary. This is in the case of operating the cardan gear in a foreign motorcycle. Working with a chain looks different. Each chain has its own service life (often it is from 20 to 25 thousand km). If the resource of the chain comes to an end, it must be replaced.

One of the most important systems is the brake system. An important element in the braking system is the brake fluid. If your motorcycle is equipped with disc hydraulic brakes, it is necessary to change the brake fluid in time. If you use the fluid for a long time without replacing it, it will absorb moisture and the brakes will become padded.

In addition to the fluid, it is necessary to check the condition of the brake pads. They should last for the entire trip. You should not allow the base of the pads to come into contact with the brake disc. If the pads are unevenly worn, it is necessary to check the stroke of the brake cylinder and caliper guides. It is also worth checking the brake hoses for chafing.

3. Clothing

The technical condition of the motorcycle is important, but do not forget about the clothing. The wrong clothes, even if you have a motorcycle in good condition and all the necessary documents, can turn the trip into a search for shelter or other problems. Clothing is worth taking, depending on the following conditions:

  • for everyday wear;
  • for rain;
  • for protection against the cold.

The choice of clothing is a matter of taste. Some will choose a tracksuit, and some will choose a racing suit. However, you should not forget about the protective functions, which are not inherent in all clothes. It is recommended to wear knee pads and riding boots to protect your feet. You can also wear elbow pads. Such equipment will protect you from various injuries and damages.

Mandatory attribute is a helmet. It is worth choosing a helmet with face-covering glass. The fact is that when riding a motorcycle, especially on a gravel road, a stone or other object may bounce in the face. It is also recommended to take sunglasses, which are useful when driving against the sun.

It is worth being prepared for various natural disasters. For example, to the rain. It is necessary to take a suit that protects against water. In addition, it is worth stocking up on gloves and shoe covers. To clean the glass helmet must have a sponge, as a glove can only smear the glass of dirt particles. Experienced motorcyclists use a sponge with a magnet. It is attached to the gas tank, and as a result, it is in an easily accessible place.

It is also worth preparing for a possible cold snap. A thermal overalls will help to solve this problem. As an analogue of a thermal overalls it is possible to apply an elastic sports suit from wool.

4. Navigation

The simplest navigator is an ordinary road map. It takes up little space and is notable for its low cost. The disadvantage of the map is only the inconvenience of plotting a route.

However, today there are many electronic navigators, which can be used while riding a motorcycle. Choosing such a navigator, you should take into account its characteristics. For example, it should be waterproof and the screen should be viewable from any angle. In addition, it should be adapted to the control with gloves.

It’s also worth paying attention to the attachment of the navigator. Some navigators can be mounted on the tank, steering wheel or dashboard. The most popular and simple variant of the navigator is the usual smartphone with Google maps installed.

5. Parts

Even with a full technical inspection before the trip, no one is immune to various breakdowns. It is always necessary to have with you the tool of prime necessity, as well as some parts that may need to be replaced. For example, it is worth taking a set of spark plugs, headlight bulbs, and turn signals on the road. Fuses may also fail.

When you park your bike, it may fall over accidentally, which can damage the clutch levers, brake system components, shifters, or the foot brake. That is why it is worth having such spare parts in stock. Among the tools, you should have a spark plug wrench, screwdrivers with a variety of tips, as well as a set of sockets (you can horn wrenches). In addition, it is worth having a file, a knife, and pliers. For possible repairs at night, you must have a flashlight.

6. First aid kit

Any first aid kit will do. Its content must be formed depending on the requirements of current legislation and its own needs. The basic necessities may include the following:

  • Medical tourniquet and absorbent cotton;
  • Various bandages;
  • Gloves;
  • Pills (aspirin, antipyretic, analgesic, etc.);
  • Iodine.

Since riding a motorcycle can lead to various bruises and injuries, it is worth bringing along a cold compress.

Guided by the above rules and equipped with the essentials, motorcycle trips at any distance will bring only joy and unforgettable impressions.

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