3 Steps to Develop a Winning Strategy for Car Dealerships

After the COVID-19 pandemic, selling vehicles has become incredibly difficult. For that reason, car dealerships have begun to search for creative solutions to boost their conversion rates. Over the past few years, to say that customer behavior has changed would be an understatement.

Nowadays, individuals prefer to browse and purchase items through their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes. Now that does not mean that car dealerships should close their shops, but it’s high time that some changes are implemented in the industry.

However, one of the toughest challenges dealerships face is gaining the trust of their leads. There are a lot of tactics and strategies they can implement so that they can offer excellent customer service and in turn, gain trust through word-of-mouth marketing. 

This post focuses on a much broader topic than just customer service. Below you will find everything you need to develop a winning car dealership strategy that will help you drive more sales.

Embrace technology and its advancements

Technology allowed car dealerships to offer the best services they can. Nowadays, a car dealership is not just a spot where individuals go to purchase cars, but a place where they can educate themselves on all the upcoming makes and models, as well as compare prices.

Of course, technology is not only beneficial to customers. Car dealerships use state-of-the-art software platforms such as Taq auto to keep track of their inventory and help customers get all the right information they need to make a purchasing decision.

There are other tools that help car dealership boost sales as well. Those tools are powered by AI and with this type of help, dealerships can create the perfect personalized offers that will make it hard for a prospect to say no.

In addition to that, features such as live chatbots can add points to the overall customer experience so don’t hesitate to embrace technology and its benefits.

Tap into your customer’s needs

Knowing what your customers want from a dealership, will make it a lot easier for you to tweak your strategy for the better. For this reason, you should always read client-provided reviews online for your business and also competitors.

This way you can see what your competitors are using to pique clients’ interest and what they are doing wrong so that you can avoid it. You can also identify which problem your clients have when it comes to vehicle purchases. When you can pinpoint that, you can prepare better offers or affordable deals which they will be delighted to accept.

Be frank with your clients and never mislead them. Dedicate your time to them and their needs and provide them with all the information regarding the contract, the vehicle performances, and features so that you allow them to enjoy your professional services.

Retarget customers effectively

Not all of your clients will make a purchase as soon as they enter your dealership. The same goes for your mobile traffic. You will have to think of ways to bring them back in-store or in-app to make that purchase.

The best way to do this is by utilizing effective lead capture. Collect the emails of your prospects and then handcraft newsletters specific to their needs. First and foremost, you should quiz them to find out their needs and expectations of vehicles. Once you have that information, ask them to provide you with their email so that you can retarget them later on with newsletter and follow-up emails.

This way, you will never have a problem selling out your whole inventory and losing out on hot leads. But for lead capture to happen in-app, you will need the help of tools. Popups are a great way to collect leads and you should not hesitate to use them. Attach a nice lead capture form and incentivize your mobile traffic prospects to supply you with their email.

Bottom line

If you follow the tips we outlined in this post, you will have no problem running a successful car dealership. Keep up with the latest tech trends and ensure that your client always receives only the best.

That being said, capitalize on every opportunity and work hard to convert leads into customers with follow-ups.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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