Car Tuning 101

While for many people a car is just a medium of transportation from getting A to B, there are some who regard their car as so much more than that. A car to them is a hobby, a passion. This piece is for them. 

Car tuning is a wide term and if we don’t go into specifics, it means improving the overall appearance and performance of your vehicle. Also, there are no hard fast rules to follow as the modification is all about the personalization of the vehicle. If you want a small spoiler or minimum engine sound, it’s all right. The process is quite extensive with many stages of tuning cars. The areas generally targeted are as follows.


Sometimes the whole engine is replaced with a new one but this is an extreme case and not always recommended. If one has the will to work, the stock engine of a good car provides ample room for modifications. Tuning an engine is not essentially replacing it. One simple way is to increase the cylinder capacity which will allow more fuel and air to burn, leading to more power. Turbo and Superchargers are also applied to improve the engine performance. The car’s electronic engine management system can also be tuned but we recommend going to an expert for it.


While engine tuning remains under the hood, lowering results in immediate impressions. In addition to being more aesthetic, it provides a lower center of gravity and hence increased road grip, especially on curves at high speed. Some people consider lowering unpractical, it obstructs the view and not all roads are too smooth to support a lowered vehicle, bumps and jolts can easily scratch your car. 


A stock car is to target the wider public, the “practical” ones. If you are tuning your car, tuning its suspension components can do wonders. Suspension tuning enhances the car’s handling thus making it more appealing. Moreover, you can also use a blend of short springs and firm shock absorbers. If you don’t want too much, go for a standard sports suspension which gives a sporty look with standard comfort. 

Hydraulic suspension systems are a good option providing flexibility as per the required conditions. 


Rims are the most targeted area of car modification. The options available are simply countless. For some looks the rims are everything but experts know that it is the material of the rims that weigh equally. Moreover, certain restrictions are applied when it comes to rims. You need to check your Certificate of Conformity before finalizing anything. While steel rims are suitable for winter conditions, they are heavy and can rust too. Aluminum rims though expensive are quite good, providing better dynamics. 

Similarly, the tires must be of good quality too as they ultimately decide the road grip. Make sure they are not poorly fitted or flattened. 

Exhaust System

Exhaust pipes come in many options but it all depends on personal preferences. The tailpipe can be modified to give a sportier look. By tuning the exhaust system, you can significantly change the sound of the car. But ensure their approval before installing.

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