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Your Car Deserves More

Most of us enjoy a good ride and like to keep ours in optimum condition. There are some for whom a car is just a utility. This article is not for them. Generation Z especially has no shortage of car enthusiasts. The personal touch a little modification provides is something to be cherished. Without going into structural modifications, one can successfully enjoy better performance and aesthetics by maximizing the efficiency of exhaust and air flows. The suspension system can also be touched upon to improve performance. For a step further, nitrous can be added but we recommend checking out beforehand that you are not violating any rules. In a nutshell, there are no hard and fast rules for modifying a car. A car is what you make it. 

Before embarking upon the road to modification, you must have a basic knowledge of cars and how they work. You should be aware of what’s going on under the hood at least rudimentarily. Basic maintenance comes first. Change your oils regularly, keep your car clean, make sure the tires are in proper shape, and follow the recommended service schedule. 

You can get enough power output to satisfy yourself just by professional tune-ups which include air/fuel filter changes, high-powered spark plugs, optimal fuel economy, and tire pressure to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t lag. Only after making sure that your car runs smoothly in its stock condition, you can move on toward additional alterations.

Replacing your stock intake pipe with over-the-counter ones can maximize your power. You must also change the air filter to a compatible one. This will allow cold air to travel to your engine, bringing more oxygen, hotter burning of fuel, and hence more horsepower. For this to work properly, you will also need a higher outflow exhaust. You can just change the front pipes or if you like the entire exhaust system for more power. If your engine is turbocharged, a large diameter pipe will have a significant effect on its performance. For newer cars, recalibration of the engine control unit does the trick by bringing the balance between performance and fuel consumption.

How your car handles itself is very important. You can swap your suspension system per your preference. If you replace the springs and shocks with some stiffer options, although your comfort will be compromised a little, the traction of the car can be improved considerably. Combined with suspension tuning this will put you in a refined handling position. Learning the difference between stability control vs traction control is very important to understand the phenomenon for every car enthusiast. 

You will be amazed to know how much tires affect your car’s performance. For better results swap your stock tires with performance ones. Before purchasing, the tire’s speed rating must be checked. Also, don’t wait for your tire to be completely worn out, always go with good healthy tires to prevent any unfortunate accident. 

For aesthetics, you can do whatever you like. From spoilers to grills, and skirts you can add so much to your car. This is one place where you can freely apply your creative skills.

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