Upping your Motorsports Gambling Enjoyment

The infamous down season of racing is in full swing and there isn’t much to do besides twiddling our thumbs, or is there? As the famous saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was two weeks ago, the second-best time is today”. Planning for the upcoming Formula 1 and NASCAR seasons can be a fantastic and financially beneficial use of time during the down season. Continue reading to learn about methods to make motorsports gambling more enjoyable.

Try Out Foreign Casinos

Foreign casinos are a great way to add a new level of livelihood to your online motorsport bets. The online environment of a foreign casino could be vastly different from what’s offered in your country and allows for a refreshing experience. The main benefits of using a foreign casino include the following:

  • Additional options to bet on local racing events within that country
  • Increased participation if that style of racing is not as popular in your country
  • New types of races to bet on
  • Quick payouts when using cryptocurrencies

Another benefit of using foreign online casinos is their ability to circumvent self-exclusion restrictions. An example of a popular self-exclusion program many British people use is Gamstop. When using a foreign casino, a bettor can bypass the gambling restriction because Gamstop has no jurisdiction over casinos outside the United Kingdom. There are plenty of services to help find casinos that are not on Gamstop, and you can find a comprehensive list at The News Minute.

Prepare an Extensive Plan

Financial success and preparation go hand-in-hand, and while it is possible gambling can generate wealth without preparation, an extensive plan can go a long way. Elements of a solid betting plan include contingency, risk management, and an exit strategy.

The good news is that motorsports offer plenty of ways to allocate your time to research. This research includes racetrack history, team composition, engine strength, driver performance history, rules, and weather. Knowing what to expect on race day is essential in creating a good plan that allows for contingencies and low risk.

Planning also requires knowledge of all the betting options provided by your casino/sportsbook. A good plan completely utilizes your betting strategies alongside your casino of choice.

Lastly, knowing when you should exit is essential. If you have had poor-performing race days and lost a lot of money, you should reassess your overall strategies and recreate a new one from scratch. Inversely if you end up gaining more than you planned, do not throw away your winnings at risky bets. Instead, pocket what you won and continue with your plan.

Joining Fantasy Motorsports

Fantasy motorsports is a refreshing alternative for those seeking more motorsport gambling for a few reasons. The first reason is that motorsport fantasy events happen daily, meaning down seasons are non-existent. The second reason is that fantasy motorsport is not truly gambling, skill and knowledge are incredibly useful and chance is barely prevalent. Lastly, it is much more user involved as it allows you to create your teams and setups and pit them against other players.

Companies and organizations have created plenty of fantasy motorsport apps and it is something down and play even today. At the time of writing, GridRival had a recent launch back in October and is a potential option for those that want to get involved.

Remember to gamble and play responsibly and let us all hope to have another fantastic race series in 2023!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com.


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