5 Tips for Choosing The Best Tire for Your Jeep

Jeep are among the most popular vehicles in the country. It is a rugged class of automobile capable of off-roading and routine driving. Because of its versatility, there are many tire options to choose from, and depending on your driving style, that may be off-road tires or generic all-terrain options. To figure out what types of tires are suitable for your Jeep, you need to understand a few things.

1. Tires Sizes

While you might want 33-inch all-terrain tires, you need to ensure they are compatible with your Jeep. All tires have stamps that refer to size, specifically the width, height, radial, and height of the wheel. While Jeep enthusiasts prefer 33s or bigger, they must pay attention to the height of the wheel to ensure proper fit. An auto parts salesperson can help you determine the correct size tire for your Jeep.

2. Types of Terrain Tires

What is the climate where you live? Do you get a lot of snow in the winter, rain in the spring, and mud in the fall? If so, you might want to consider all-season tires. However, if you live in a steady climate but love off-roading, consider off-road or mud tires, depending on the terrain. All-terrain tires are excellent options for people who drive primarily the expressway, only venturing off-road occasionally.

3. Treads

Different tires will have different treads. Off-road tires usually have deeper and broader treads than all-terrain tires. Mud tires have even larger treads. The more significant the tread, the harsher the terrain you can traverse. A tire specialist can help you understand what type of tread is best for your driving style.

4. Pressure

While tire pressure has more to do with driving than purchasing a tire, it is an important influencer. Your Jeep should have a label that dictates the best tire pressure. The label is usually found inside the frame of the driver’s side door. If you can’t find a label, look in the owner’s manual.

5. Custom Packages

Many vehicle owners will choose to only replace tires as necessary, one at a time. While this makes sense from a financial standpoint, it is often better to replace all your tires at the same time. Typically, tires need replacing every six years or 36,000 to 75,000 miles, depending on use.

If you choose to replace all your tires at the same time, you can often find deals. Many places will create custom packages, offering four tires for the price of three. The options depend on the tires and the retailer, but it is worth looking around.Tires are the foundation of your Jeep. They allow for greater control and maneuverability. They can also provide extra support and traction for various terrains and climate conditions. Tires are among the most essential parts for Jeep Wrangler and any Jeep for that matter.  Are you ready to buy a new set of tires for your vehicle? If so, head to your favorite auto parts store and speak to a sales associate.

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