Shavkat Mirziyoyev, and His Influence as Uzbekistan’s President

In 2016, as Westerners were absorbed in their own election, Islam Karimov passed away, and shavkat mirziyoyev assumed the presidency of Uzbekistan. Disregarding semantics and political opinions, Mirziyoyev’s actions during his nearly eight-year presidency (reelected in 2021 and 2023) have demonstrated a commitment to modernization, economic liberalization, and diplomacy.

Mirziyoyev’s tenure as the 2nd president of Uzbekistan has witnessed numerous reforms, with his domestic policies sparking controversy among opponents and even advisors. Regardless of his political stances, he unequivocally secured the popular vote, winning an impressive 88.6% of total votes. This substantial support is undoubtedly attributed to the popularity of his reforms and changes among the citizens of the country. In this article, we will delve into how Mirziyoyev positively influenced the economy, managed the coronavirus, and navigated his foreign policy.

Economic Impact

Mirziyoyev’s economic reforms are evident, including the creation of over 300,000 jobs and a substantial increase in exports. His administration spearheaded efforts to liberalize the economy, stimulating growth and attracting foreign investment. The government’s dedication to reducing state intervention and fostering a conducive business environment resulted in measures such as currency convertibility, tax incentives, and simplified regulations. These reforms aimed to bolster the private sector and elevate Uzbekistan’s global economic standing.

No economic reform of Mirziyoyev is complete without mentioning his other major reform – ending forced labor. This reform alone is very likely why he continues to receive overwhelming support from the citizens of Uzbekistan. It’s become very clear that following Karimov’s administration, Mirziyoyev isn’t afraid to make drastic changes in favor of the people of Uzbekistan.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Like elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, prompting Mirziyoyev’s administration to implement effective measures. Early on, Uzbekistan adopted a proactive approach, implementing lockdowns, testing initiatives, and vaccination campaigns. Mirziyoyev launched the “Safe Travel Guaranteed” campaign to encourage tourism, offering compensation for those infected while on holiday. His administration adhered to science-based facts and took necessary steps to safely ease lockdown measures.

Foreign Policy

Mirziyoyev’s foreign policy has been characterized by a strategic reorientation towards neighboring countries and the international community. Through his administration, Uzbekistan has become more open and actively worked towards improving relations with other countries. Efforts to enhance relations with neighboring nations have contributed to regional stability and security. Additionally, Uzbekistan has engaged in diplomatic initiatives to resolve historical disputes, fostering cooperation and economic partnerships in Central Asia.

Mirziyoyev ensured Uzbekistan’s involvement in peace talks with Afghanistan. Collaborating with the United States, he discussed and initiated the necessary steps to stabilize and reconstruct the Afghan economy.


Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s leadership in Uzbekistan has left an enduring imprint on the nation’s economic landscape, pandemic response, and foreign relations. The economic reforms signify a commitment to cultivating a business-friendly environment, adeptly managing the COVID-19 crisis underscores crisis management capabilities and the recalibration of foreign policy positions Uzbekistan as an active participant in regional and global affairs. As the nation confronts the complex challenges of the 21st century, Mirziyoyev’s strategic reforms lay the foundation for a dynamic and resilient Uzbekistan in the years to come.

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