Lap by Lap: NextEra Energy Resources 250 won by Johnny Sauter

A wreck on the last lap would seal the deal for Johnny Sauter as he would pick up the victory in the NextEra Energy Resources 250.


Lap 1 Newberry and Lofton side-by-side for the lead. Hornaday pushes Lofton, they clear Newberry. Lofton first, Hornaday second

Lap 2 Lofton Hornaday Busch Newberry Buescher. Top three single-file while Newberry and Buescher side-by-side for fourth

Lap7 Dillon jumps to the outside line in front of Buescher

Lap 8 Dillon grabs the lead from Lofton. Down the backstraight, Dillon jumps to the bottom and now its Dillon and Buescher side-by-side for the lead. Cobb to the garage.

Lap 9 Lofton jumps to the outside of Dillon, Hornaday connects with Dillon, Dillon keeps the lead

Lap 10 Dillon Lofton Busch top three as top 10 are single file

Lap 14 Dillon Hornaday Busch while Buesher and Newberry are side-by-side for fourth

Lap 15 Dillon Hornaday single file while Busch and Buescher side-by-side for third

Lap 19 Dillon and Buescher side-by-side for the lead

Lap 23 Dillon holds the lead with Hornaday and Busch in toe

Caution lap 26 Scott Riggs blow a motor. Leaders pit. Darrell Wallace Jr. first off pit road, due to missing pit; made contact with Buescher while missing pit. Ty Dillon first off pit road for those who made it into their stall. Buescher stayed on pit road late to fix tail damage.

Restart. Coulter and Newberry make contact, save it

Lap 30 Dillon Coulter Busch single-file at the front.

Lap 33 Dillon Coulter Busch Lofton Hornaday single-file

Caution lap 54 Newberry, Silas, White, Gaughan, Cockrum, Quiroga, King, R. Truex, Fontaine, Gresham, George Jr……Gaughan tried to make it three-wide, cutting between Newberry and Quiroga. Leaders head down pit road. Agnew leads the race off pit road, followed by Dillon Lofton Peters off pit road. Agnew missed his pit stall so he will need to back down pit road.

Restart 40 to go Dillon restarts as leader but Sauter makes it by with help from Lofton and grabs the lead.

39 to go Sauter leads Dillon while Lofton and Busch side-by-side for third.

38 to go Dillon jumps out with Busch and grabs the lead from Sauter as they are three-wide behind them across the start-finish line. Hornaday turned sideways on the apron, but saves it. Caution Jason White wrecks by himself. Leaders pitted, different laps depending on strategy played. Bodine leads Armstrong Busch Burton Dillon Hornaday Lofton Coulter Sauter

Restart 33 to go Bodine leads

32 to go Armstrong pushes Bodine out front

31 to go Sauter and Bodine side-by-side for the lead…….Armstrong pushes Bodine back out front

28 to go Armstrong got Bodine sideways while leading. Busch to the lead

24 to go Bush Bodine Armstrong Burton single-file ahead of the field

23 to go Lofton put into the center. Jennifer Jo Cobb blows a motor.

Restart 19 to go Armstrong pushes Busch ahead as Busch leads the field.

18 to go Busch Armstrong Hornaday Dillon Sauter

17 to go Top six single-file Busch Armstrong Hornaday Dillon Sauter Lofton. Burton gets major loose in the middle, saves it

16 to go Crafton has a flat tire. Sauter leads Bodine ahead of the field as they pass Busch for the lead

14 to go Sauter Bodine Busch Armstrong Hornaday

13 to go Crafton makes it to pit road.

11 to go top 13 are single file

9 to go Truex and Busecher make a run, but come up short

Caution Truex with a tire flat, spins in front of second half of the field. Peters, Chastain, Townley.

Restart 5 to go Sauter and Bodine lead the field. Armstrong misses a shift, Sauter pulls ahead with Busch on his bumper ahead of Hornaday, Lofton and Burton

Final Lap. Caution Buescher gets into the back of Agnew, Agnew comes back up across the track, clips Coulter. Collecting

Sauter Busch Hornaday Lofton Burton Dillon Paludo Blaney Crafton Sieg

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