Highest Paid F1 Drivers in History

If someone were to ask you about the sport that pays its players the best, what would you say? If you are like most of us, your first thought would probably be something like football, where even relatively unknown plays are still privy to multi-million pound earnings.

But, did you know that Sebastian Vettel, who happens to be the highest paid Formula One driver this year, makes a salary that’s equivalent to that of Cristiano Ronaldo? It wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t know. After all, the wages of the F1 stars isn’t something that’s usually discussed. But, if you would like to change that, check out our list of the ten highest paid Formula One drivers of all time:

Nico Rosberg : Worth 30 Million

Although he has been the runner-up to Lewis Hamilton, his Mercedes teammate, for the past two years, Nico Rosberg is still quite lucky. In fact, he should try out his luck on Royal Vegas Online Casino to see how much more he can earn.

His $30 million net worth marks him as one of the best drivers in the entire world. Something which is sure to help him earn even more money in years to come.

Sebastian Vettel: Worth 45 Million

Thanks to an impressive three year contract with Ferrari, Vettel will earn almost $50 million a year.

David Coulthard: Worth 70 Million

Because of the 13 Grand Prix victories under his belt, David Coulthard has made an impressive amount of money during his distinguished career. He’s put it to good use too. Since he retired in 2009, he’s bought several properties, this includes hotels in Monaco, Switzerland, and London. And, if spends some of this money playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot on Royal Vegas Online casino, he can probably earn even more.

Jenson Button: Worth 105 Million

Known for being the 2009 World Driver’s Champion, Jenson is living the life. His great performances as a driver has lead to a variety of new contracts and deals which has helped him rack up over $100 million. He even owns a 72 foot yacht.

Eddie Irvine: Worth 180 MIllion

During his time in Formula One during the 90s, Irvine was able to come away with four victories. And, has the distinction of being the only driver that got Jaguar to the top spot in its short F1 history.

Alain Prost: Worth $185 Million

This Frenchman has won Formula One four times, which makes him one of the most successful drivers of all time. A little over sixty, he’s the oldest and one of the richest on the list of highest – paid F1 drivers.

Kimi Raikkonen: Worth 200 Million

His career started in 2001 and, since that time, has racked up a string of sucesses that proved that he was capable of holding his own amongst more season racers like Schumacher and Alonso.

These successes have helped him win lots of money. But, perhaps, what’s most interesting is that in 2009 he was considered to be one of the highest paid athletes in the world, coming second to Tiger Woods.

Fernando Alonso: Worth 220 Million

Alonso is perhaps best known as the youngest F1 champion in racing history. Since the early 2000s, when his legend began, he’s garnered enough success to raise his net worth to over $200 million.

Lewis Hamilton: Worth 280 Million

Hamilton is consider to be the richest young sportsmen in Britain and when added to his good looks, on-track ability, and his string of famous girlfriends, it’s easy to see why he ha so much earning potential.

His net worth of almost $300 million makes him one of the most marketable and lucrative drivers ever. He even has endorsement deals from big name brands like Reebok, Monster Energy, and L’Oreal.

Michael Schumacher: Worth 780 Million

At one time, this talented driver was considered to be the second highest earning sport star in the entire world. He was also named the world’s first billionaire athlete back in 2005.

Schumacher currently holds the records for most wins in a season, most career wins, most consecutive world championships, most career pole positions, and much more. Still, a significant portion of his earning income from advertising. In fact, a German financial services company paid him an impressive $8 million to wear one of their tiny ads on his baseball cap.

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