Seven sports to satisfy thrill-seekers

If you’re an adrenaline-junkie, always in need of a thrill fix, then why take on a new sport in 2018? There are loads of activities you can try out, on land, on water, and in the air! Some you can do in a day, others you need to put in some training – and get all the right gear. Here are some ideas to get your adrenaline juices flowing!


When you think of motorsport, what comes to mind? If you’re a bit of an enthusiast, then you will no doubt have come across karting, rallying, and racing. But there are loads more to motorsport than that, including fast-action circuit racing. You can also slow the tempo, but keep the challenge, with low-speed trials on tricky hillsides.

Circuit racing is a popular choice for adrenaline-junkies, competing wheel-to-wheel on a track, and being the first to get the chequered flag. At a race meeting, there’ll typically be practice sessions, qualifying and one race at least.

However, you can’t just drive onto a track and take part. You need to get some training, pass a test, and get licensed. You also need to get a car that fits the races you want to compete in. It will also need to be vetted before you line up on the starting grid. If you need to kit out your car with all the right gear, then check out suppliers like Above BAR Inc.


Have you ever been laying on the beach in the sunshine and see something flying across the waves? Chances are it was a kite-surfer! It’s an extreme sport that’s caught on around the world, with men and women of all ages taking to the waves to catch some action, and you don’t have to be muscle-bound to succeed at it!

Kite-surfing is not one of those sports that you can pick up just like that. In fact, that could be very dangerous. If you’re serious about trying kite-surfing, you need to hunt down a qualified instructor who can show you the ropes, go through the equipment, and all the safety stuff that goes with it. You need to learn techniques, how to prepare your kit, get the lowdown on weather conditions, and know what regulations are in place around kite-surfing. Do it responsibly, and you should have lots of fun!


If you’ve watched the Winter Olympics, the snowboarding action can be pretty awesome! How do they achieve all these flying twists and turns and remain calm, composed, and balanced? If you’re looking to take up a new winter sport, and you love a bit of an adrenalin-rush, then think about snowboarding. If you’re a skier already, then don’t think you can just cross over immediately. There are different styles and techniques to learn.

While skiing your legs are separated; in snowboarding, both of your feet are attached to the board which can feel a little weird at first. You’re more likely to fall down at the beginning.

The other difference, compared to skiing, is that you’re in side-on positions – and this can be strange to get used to as well.

If you’re keen to get out on a board, you should get some lessons and pick a great spot to snowboard. It could be the sporting tonic you’re after!

Bungee jumping

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline juices flowing, and you’re not afraid of heights, then ever considered a bungee jump? If you dare to stand on the edge and jump from a great height, then this could be the activity you’ve been longing for. Plunging off a platform, you’ll get some free-fall action before bouncing back up in the air on your bungee line.

There are all sorts of licensed locations available, check out what’s local to you, and why not go along for a watch! Then, it could be you who’s feeling the wind on your face as you drop from a big height. You could even do a tandem jump with your nearest and dearest! Now, that would be something to remember.

Cycle road racing

Taking your cycling skills to a new level by competing in road racing could provide you with a real thrill. Picking up speed, and taking on hill and mountain challenges, can be immensely tough – but also give you a real sense of satisfaction! You’ve seen the scenery on the Tour de France; it can be a stunning backdrop too for getting involved in some sporting action!

If you’re serious about road racing and competing, then why not look for a local cycling club to boost your skills and experience? You need to make sure you have all the right clothing and protective gear too. Along with a bike that’s up to the job of course!

Mountain biking

If you like cycling, then how about stepping it up a gear by taking to the saddle of a mountain bike? Hitting some country trails and tracks can bring a real adrenaline rush – and give you some great scenery to discover too!

Make sure you get yourself a good set of wheels and kit yourself out with all the necessary clothing and protective gear.

Start off by heading onto some local tracks, get a feel for it. You can maybe even join a local club, to get your experience and skills up. Finding inspiration for where to ride should be fairly easy, just head online and pick up some local guides.


Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) is a great and cost-efficient way to experience the water. But before you head out, there are some safety precautions, paddling tips, and a complete guide on how to stand up paddle board for beginners.

If you’re a bit of a water addict and want to try out something different when it comes to sport, paddle-boarding could be right up your street. You get a bird’s eye view of the water (well almost), while also giving your body a good workout.

You do it by standing up on a board, so it does require you to learn the technique. You don’t want to be struggling to stand-up, or end up going round and round in circles! So, if you’re up for it, get yourself down to a local instructor or club, and try your hand. You may want to borrow the equipment, to begin with, to see if you like it, and then you can invest in your own gear.

Make sure you wear all the proper clothing out on the water to protect you, taking into account the season and weather conditions.

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