Zoomo Car Credit Offers a Unique Approach to Car Buying and Financing

Although consumers throughout the UK are being told that the economy is recovering from the Great Recession of recent years, many potential car buyers have yet to recover their once exemplary credit scores. This makes it difficult to find car financing, but Zoomo Car Credit has a unique approach that can put most people behind the wheel of the car of their choice much of the time. Their unique approach makes it possible for even car buyers with poor credit or no credit to find the financing they need when in the market for a car.

25 Years in the Industry

While so many car financing companies are appearing on the scene, consumers place their trust in names like Zoomo Car Credit, which have a long history of serving the public. As part of the Henson Motor Group, Zoomo Car Credit is backed by a quarter of a century of experience in car finance and trade. Trust is a huge factor in today’s market, and Zoomo and the Henson Motor Group have earned that trust over the years.

Step 1 of the Zoomo Approach

The goal of Zoomo Car Credit is to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible. It all begins with an online application that only takes 30 seconds when complete to match you with a financing solution based on your circumstances. They match with lenders in the group that have the best deals for you. Now it’s time to look at the limit you are given in order to move on to the next step.

Step 2 Is the Most Fun

Now that you have a credit limit, it’s time to find a vehicle that suits your needs. Not only are there hundreds of cars located at their site as part of the Henson Motor Group, but there are thousands of others to choose from as well. By making up to 3,000 cars available, you can easily find one within your budget. That’s the Zoomo approach – fast, easy, and affordable.

Step 3: The Journey Begins

What’s really novel about the Zoomo approach is that your car can even be delivered right to your doorstep if you can’t get to the car! How easy is that? So many car dealers make you come to the dealership, choose your car, and negotiate for an indeterminate length of time before finalizing the deal. As a member of the Henson Motor Group, Zoomo Car Credit speeds up the process. All the paperwork, signatures and other information are submitted online so that when the purchase contract is final, you can sit back and await your car.

Yes, there are other no credit/poor credit car financing companies out there, but none with the complete customer service you’ll find at Zoomo Car Credit. From the moment you fill out the online application to the moment you get behind the wheel, they take the hassle out of car buying so that you can have a pleasant experience with a no-pressure approach. It’s all in your hands and that’s what today’s car buyer wants. Are you in the market for a car? Try the Zoomo Car Credit approach, a unique and enjoyable experience.

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