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Jeremy Clements Racing to partner with Western Wishes and Tuff Hedeman to ride the No. 51 machine to the front at Texas Motor Speedway.

Spartanburg SC – Jeremy and JCR are pleased to announce that will they serve host to Western Wishes’ 11-year-old Kaleb Dorr this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway with the help of 4-Time World Champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Tuff Hedeman.

Kaleb Dorr suffers from TAR, Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome, a rare recessive genetic syndrome that causes a unique blood disorder and limb deformities. When you look at Kaleb, you don’t see a little boy with a handicap; you see a pint-sized cowboy that has defied all the odds. After enduring 10 surgeries (with more to come) and over 200 plasma transfusions, this cowboy’s positive outlook on life remains remarkable. He wants nothing more than to be a team roper and a calf roper when he grows up. Kaleb is happy, outgoing, and is the first one to tell you “it’ll be ok” when someone else is faced with adversity

“Man, we are really excited to have Kaleb ride along with us this weekend and, also help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Western Wishes.  Thanks to my friend Tuff Hedeman and his group we get to give Kaleb a ride of his life this weekend.” Clements stated. “Western Wishes does an awesome job of turning dreams in to lasting memories and I can’t wait to meet Kaleb and his family and create more memories as we take our fast hot-rod to the front.”  Clements went on to say.

“Thanks to my buddy Jeremy Clements will have the opportunity to introduce Kaleb to NASCAR in a way most kids just dream about.  Jeremy and I know that through these experiences if we are lucky, we might just have the chance to ignite hope, and strength for Kaleb and just let him have a little fun before he faces the reality of his disease again,” said Hedeman who granted Kaleb’s wish of meeting him in 2017.


  • Jeremy’s 21st career start at Texas Motor Speedway
  • Best finish of 14th – 11/2018
  • Best start of 12th – 4/2018


  • Crew Chief: Andrew “Panda’ Abbott
  • Manufacturer: Chevrolet
  • Engine: Clements Racing Engines

About Western Wishes

Western Wishes specializes in granting wishes for challenged children who otherwise might not get to have experiences associated with the western lifestyle. The charitable organization has helped children of all ages attend western events from bull riding to rodeo to equestrian performance events. Western Wishes ( a foundation created by Donnalyn Quintanna, the former wife of the late PRCA World Champion bull rider, John Quintanna.  Western Wishes contact: Donnalyn Quintana, to donate check out

About the South Point Fort Worth Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding

The South Point Tuff Hedeman Challenge has become known for an action-packed three round bull riding performance that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. That is primarily due to the influence of four-time world champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer, bull rider Tuff Hedeman who coordinates every element and attends to the smallest details. From having great bulls matched up with superstar riders, to upbeat music and enthusiastic fans, there is something for everyone.

Tuff Hedeman Contact: Leigh Ann Schroeder, 940.902.1112 or or


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– You can follow Team JCR on Twitter, @JCR_Clements51

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