5 of the best Formula 1 drivers ever

In the sports discipline, many different honors separate the finest from the best. In Formula 1, for this sake, is no different. You will come across awards like Driver of the Day, Fastest Pit Stop, and Fastest Lap Award. All these awards help categorize drivers according to their stellar performances.

To be ranked as the best F1 driver, you ought to smash previously set records, win multiple F1 races, and competed with the big boys in the industry.

meta.reviews has looked at five of the best formula 1 drivers to grace the Formula 1 track ever according to accurate statistics and incessant sports analysis.

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The criteria we will use to categorize the drivers

The most experienced drivers should have excellent championship & career wins, a high podium finish, and exceptional career points.

Here is a list of the five best F1 drivers ever.

5. Fernando Alonso (ES)

Title: Fernando Alonso

Alt: A photo of Alonso in 2016

Fernando Alonso is up to now considered an icon in the Formula 1 driver’s list. Having won the F1 world championship in 2005 and 2006, the Spaniard began his humble journey back in 1988. In the 1990s, Alonso won multiple tournaments, including the junior championship at age 7, and became a brand as years progressed.

Now, he has titles in his name with different motor racing companies including Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, and other notable brands.

  • Total career points: 1900

4. Sebastian Vettel (GER)

Title: Sebastian Vettel

Alt: Vettel in 2019

You can remember the German driver who won the F1 world championship four consecutive times from 2010-2013.

Vettel not only has world titles in his name. He has broken significant records like the driver with the most consecutive wins, third most race victories, and most race victories in a single championship season.

  • Total career points: 3018

3. Stirling Moss (GB-UKM)

Title: Stirling Moss

Alt: Stirling in 2014

If you began watching Formula 1 races back in the 1950s, you probably remember the British F1 driver who was described as “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship.” 

Having no championship in his name did not deter him from making a statement in the industry. Moss consecutively broke the world speed records of clocking an average of 100 miles/hour in 1950, 1952, and 1957.

  • Total career points: 185 ​9⁄14 (186 ​9⁄14)

2. Michael Schumacher (GER)

Title: Michael Schumacher

Alt: A photo of Schumacher

A retired German pro racer with 7 championships to his name, Schumacher helped shape the Grand Prix with his record-breaking speed. The German is not only recognized for his expertise in the Asphalt-layered surface but also in other dimensions of life.

The experienced Schumacher has been honored severally in the sports industry with other famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Pele.

Michael has won five consecutive Grand Prix seasons from 1994-2004.

  • Total career points: 1566

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB-UKM)

Title: Lewis Hamilton

Alt: Hamilton in 2016

Currently ranked number one in the world, Lewis Hamilton has the most wins in the competition.

Hamilton began his pro career 22 years ago after winning several kart races from 1993-1998. 

At only 35, the British adept driver has won a total of 7 Formula 1 championships, multiple series tournaments, and other top races to date.

  • Total career points: 3738

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