The Most Loved Drivers

NASCAR fans vote for their favorite drivers annually. The driver who has won this award most times is Dale Earnhardt Jr, who recently won the award for the 12th consecutive time.

Fans love him mostly because of his prowess in the track, where he is popular for giving his fans a show. 

To make it as the most loved driver, they must, without a doubt, be outstanding to the point that their fans are always left with something to marvel about.

Earnhardt jr. is also quite popular with his fans following his open interaction, where he doesn’t seem to hold back. 

He answers most of the questions raised by his fans, further nurturing the relationship with his fans.

How the Voting Is Done

Besides Dale Earnhardt Jr, other drivers have won this coveted award. A few of them include; Richard Petty, Bill Elliot, Bobby Allison, Jeff Gordon, and not forgetting the late Dale Earnhardt, who left his son a strong foothold in the sport.

The fans usually look at the drivers’ driving styles before voting for the one they prefer most. The voting is independent, and every fan has a chance to vote in a well-scrutinized process. 

The majority of the fans feel this is a great way to air their voices on how they would like NASCAR to conduct racing. 

Interestingly, most drivers try to imitate the winning driver hoping that they will get a chance to win the award in the following season. There are, however, the few ones with unique driving styles who’ve remained outstanding, regardless.

Voting has further been made easier through digitization of the process. It’s now possible for fans following the races on TV to vote via the internet.

Not so long ago, the only fans allowed to vote were those who had the privilege of attending the races. However, fans can now vote for the best drivers from their homes’ comfort using their electronic gadgets.

Making Money by Placing Bets on Drivers

Voting for the most loved driver has also made racing more popular among people placing bets. In turn, this has made racing one of the most popular sports in casinos and gaming platforms. 

You get an opportunity to enjoy the race and also make money by placing your bet on your favourite driver. 

When placing a bet on your favorite driver, you need to ensure you are using the right casino. There are many online casinos, with some of the most popular being

The primary reason these casinos are so popular is that they have interactive platforms open to almost everyone who wants to place a bet. They also assist any person who might not be as conversant with online betting. 

There are helpful support desks where you can ask questions in case you are experiencing any challenges. 

Betting and voting for your favorite driver is seemingly bound to be more fun. Not forgetting the excitement that follows when your favorite driver makes it to the top of the list!

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