The Most Thrilling Races Ever

When you search for sports that make the most money and are loved worldwide, you will find racing among the top choices. Out of all the races NASCAR has presented over the years, some simply stand out. 

People who watched these particular races will live to tell their grandchildren about the spectacular events they witnessed.

The top thrilling races

Among the most outstanding season was in 2011 where the driver who won the overall title had not won any race until the twenty-seventh race. Different drivers kept on exchanging the podium in the previous twenty-six races, and therefore, there was no clear favorite driver.

American Muscle

 The winner of the series only won five of the last ten races to be crowned champion in that year. 

The fact that he had not won any race until the 27th race made this season extra special. The margin between the overall winner and the one who finished second was one of the smallest in the history of racing. 

Consequently, anyone who followed the series, especially in the final stages, will not forget the spectacular events any time soon.

Another famous race that will stay in many memories for a long time is the 2003 series, where there was a margin of 0.002 seconds in a race. 

The drivers who were on the lead collided just a few meters from the finish line and finished in a huff of smoke with both cars stuck together. One of the drivers had actually lost his steering and was dragged to the finish line by the other driver.

Were it not for the cameras which showed the car that crossed the finish line first, it would have been almost impossible to tell who won the race. Such exciting happenings are the ones that bring more fans to the stadium while at the same time increasing the viewership of the races.

Betting on cars and drivers

Besides enjoying and having fun watching the races, people are also able to make money through betting. The high level of competition makes betting on particular cars more exciting. 

Even people who watch the races because of the fun without being fans of any particular driver are able to bet effectively.

People who are interested in race betting are able to do so without even leaving their homes. Such people need only to have devices connected to the internet. Through such devices, it becomes easier to join various online casinos and place bets conveniently. 

Among the many online casinos such as, some have qualities that qualify them to be the best casinos . These casinos provide first-class services to people who would like to have fun and make money through betting. 

They also provide platforms that can be used by almost anyone provided the people meet the minimum requirements. The casinos are also straightforward where you are sure of getting all your winnings without delays. 

Therefore, besides enjoying the thrill of racing, you can also make money and have fun by placing bets on the various drivers and their cars.

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