Can A Damaged Car Windscreen Be Repaired Multiple Times?

If your car windshield experiences repairable damage, your or a technician can use resin to fix it. The chip or crack is repaired and the car becomes roadworthy again.

With resin properly injected, the damage will not spread. If however, it is left unrepaired, the damage could quickly spread as you drive. This is even more possible when you drive on rough terrain or you hit potholes.

But what happens if the crack does spread even after being repaired? Can it be repaired again?

Can a Windscreen Be Repaired More Than Once?

In some instances, the crack, chip, or star could spread after being repaired. This is usually due to the resin not being injected properly, which can often occur with DIY repairs. At this point, you should talk to a technician for professional advice.

If the damage has occurred in a previously repaired area, it should not be repaired again. It will not be safe to drive the car in such a condition. No experienced technician will remove old resin or re-inject new resin in the same area.

To make sure the car is roadworthy when damage reoccurs in the same area, you must have the windshield replaced.

On the other hand, the windscreen glass can be repaired a second and possibly even multiple times if the damage occurs in a different position each time.

Why Did Damage Spread After the Repair?

Most often, the resin injected did not adhere well to the glass. It is meant to seal in the gap between the two parts of the glass, but for some reason it did not work properly.

So, what led to this? There are a number of reasons, below are the most common:

  1. When the weather is cold or temperatures are extremely low, resin does not adhere well. This is especially true in winter when resin injected does not cure properly.
  1. It could also be that the repairer did not inject the resin properly and especially at the edges of the crack. This can cause the damage to spread further.
  1. If dirt or debris is not removed fully from the crack, it will inhibit the proper cure of the resin.
  1. The chip could also be complex such as a combination break and only part of the damage was repaired.

What Should You Do To Make Sure Windscreen Repair Does Not Fail?

The first thing is to understand what could lead to repair failing. It could be dirt in the chip, an unprofessional repair, or poor weather.

The most important thing is to have the damage assessed by an expert who should also repair it. A specialist will avoid the common mistakes and will give proper advice on aftercare.

Repairing a Windshield Multiple Times

As long as the damage is not in the same location or the windscreen has not been repaired too many times, it can usually be repaired again. 

Take the car to a windshield specialist who will properly assess the problem and offer the best advice. As soon as you notice the chip, star, or the crack, have a technician repair it. 

Get to understand the process and how you can take care of the glass once the repair has been done. In addition to this, if you do not know auto glass repair, do not attempt it. You do not want to make a costly mistake.

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